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  1. Are you sure though?

    I think that you may be either insincere or lacking in self awareness here.

    How is your wanting to take the kid to this thing that may not be age appropriate, being a good person? How is it raising them to be?

    If they don't have the maturity to really know what they are seeing and how it fits into a healthy balanced life, is it going to help them? Or might they get the wrong idea?

    Is your taking them and making such a production about this demonstrating healthy adult relationships, communication and boundaries? Or is it demonstrating appearances and conformity to ideology taking priority over family?

    Here is a question for you. This is for you, it isn't really about us or anything. But for you to consider.

    If in 5-10 years it turns out he is a purely het-cis masculine man, only (for his personal romantic/ sexual relationships) interested in middle weight or lighter cis-women and strictly monogamous… how will you feel? Be brutally honest with yourself.

  2. No, I think I would’ve just preferred that she were more open to rescheduling. Because I’m totally not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, it just feels weird that she’s so cool just partying on without me without trying to meet me in the middle.

  3. Yeah… perhaps you're right. Im just a very communicative guy and when there is a lack of communication I start to worry. Ill need to give her some time and ponder at my own issues, and see if I can fix anything myself. Thank you

  4. I would just ask her if she's interested in going for coffee to catch up. If she does want to meet up, treat it as a meet up as friends first and give both her and yourself time to see how you both feel. You may not have the same romantic feelings you did previously as a lot of time has passed.

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