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7 thoughts on “Diamondjackson on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. I mean why you’re trying for child while you already have one baby: your BF.

    Listen to him. This man not even close ready for parenthood.

  2. You need to re think the marriage. Thats not a man that loves you.

    Or wants to be your support rock.

    Yes its going to be naked leaving him.

    But honestly if a person does not understand or care about what you went through.

    There not there to support or protect you.. There not worth having in your life

    My kid sister was fang raped at the age of 12 She never got over it..she has therapy counseling living with me away from the state it happened in…

    It took her years to feel comfortable about her self.

    Today she owns her own company she open carrys a gun..taser shot gun in the car German shepherd .

    You gotta find where your comfy xone is and circle ones around you that support and love you.

    Will you ever get oast the oast…no but you find a safe zone… And if ones do not get no touch please then dump them.

    Hugs honeys..

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