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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. You're trying to be sensible and practical. It doesn't sound like he's into you enough to be thinking about the future.

    You're absolutely asking the right questions for being a spouse. Gold diggers don't want, “modest lifestyle, a modest home, no fancy cars.” They want luxury.

  2. This isn’t really about the vibrator. It’s an event he can cling to and blow out of proportion to justify separating from you. What’s really going on here is that he wants to end your relationship.

    I’m just looking for what might be between the lines here, I could be totally wrong and jumping to conclusions, but I feel like I should ask… is there any possibility he’s having an affair?

  3. You need to have a conversation. Tell her you are very interested in what is going on with her in regards to the engagement. Is she just so done waiting? Is it making her anxious? Is she mad it didn't happen 3 years ago? Say “I find it extremely difficult to do things if people demand them and I know that'smy problem. I want this to be magical. How can I help you feel better?” What is her idea of a fantasy proposal? If it's about both of you then you need to talk about it. I absolutely hate surprises. Almost Every important moment of my married life was ruined for me out of sheer embarrasment because he didn't tell me how to be properly dressed for occasions that were supposed to be a casual errand but were really a surprise party for me. OP needs to tell her she is basically tabling the idea of it being a surprise by asking for it to be done on this trip. He needs to ask her if this nagging is about longing to be engaged or if it's anxiety about the future or some other thing. You can even be cute about it and say something like I know I'm a super catch and you are really excited about being together but I thought you would enjoy a surprise. I would personally tell you that I was really concerned about being inappropriately dressed when it happens or not having make up on. I felt blindsided and really sick. It's 30 years later and I have stopped having nightmares after a lot of therapy.

  4. Alittle extreme sure, why are your friends so concerned ? Is he abusive to you ? Does he try to isolate you from your friends ?

  5. I wasn’t going to give my dog up regardless, just don’t want to lose my gf and don’t know what solutions to offer besides washing the paws after every walk, not bringing the dog over, etc.

  6. Does early onset dementia run in your family? Or hearing loss? This really, really sounds like something physically going on with your mom that needs medical involvement.

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