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  1. Because he is misogyny in life made flesh ! I know you love him, I know you love his body, I know you love the chemistry between you and I know you have a dependency on him! Not good for you! Disagree? Contact me.

  2. You're right. It won't last. He'll get bored of her eventually, too, and then go cheat again to find the next woman to go sneak off with. That's how men like him operate. Selfish fools with no moral values.

    The funny thing is that these women know they're the side piece to begin with so they're already well aware that the guy is a cheater. Yet, they foolishly believe that it won't happen to them.. “he'll NEVER cheat on ME though”, but they always do get cheated on sooner or later. Ugh.

    Takes for it to actually happen to them, too, before they realize their fuck up and hopefully they won't make that mistake again of being anyone's side piece/mistress and stealing someone else's man. The suck part is that the man usually just gets to skate off, fairly unscathed, in each instance. Smh.

  3. Ok so first off stop watching pork. Its 100% unrealistic. If you want to know what your partner likes just ask. Sex and relationships are about communicating.

    Secondly, to address the first 2 questions about the foreskin, incorporating it seems to feel good (I am basing this off feedback from men). So if you grasp his manhood in your hand you will see how the foreskin glides over it, to pull it back you would Gently pull the skin towards the base. That however seems very intense so I recommend using the foreskin to jerk him off as you give him oral or give him oral over the foreskin.

    But again, talk to your partner ask him to show you what he likes.

  4. So what is it? Either she is honestly contemplating self-harm and you are right to be concerned, or she is exaggerating in order to manipulate you into compliance.

    Anyway, her outbursts alone would be enough for me to cut her off. This is not going to get better once you two are married. If I were in your shoes, I would go to a new therapy session with her and discuss what is happening in your relationship. Her reaction to that will give you all the information you need.

  5. As others have said, unless you saw the test results he could have just lied to you so he could get laid.

    Even if you saw the test results it is entirely possible that he contracted the STI too recently for it to show up on his test results(not sure what the incubation time on that one is but some can take 3 months to show on a test). But that would mean he was with someone without telling.

    You decide what to do with this info.

  6. Recently divorced.

    Already moving in.

    seems very hot to please

    How well do you even know him?

    Run away.

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