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  1. I will say the bad news affects our relationship. And the reason why I reached out is that I wanted to talk about the situation as he had longer to process it and I had only a day and I wanted to see how we would manage this news as a couple. The second time was just to find out how he was feeling.

  2. There have to be places young people meet up and/or hobbies you could meet someone from. I know in my small town it is a bar, coffeeshops and a restaurant that has live music on weekends.

    Yelp, tripadvisor and even google maps can help find things to do in the area.

  3. Has he done anything in “your” relationship for you not to trust him. How is your relationship with the friend who tipped you off?

  4. You’ve been on her mind, “ohmygod how dare he not pursue me! I’m the best he’s ever gonna get” I would take it as a compliment that she’s been hung up on you for months. Good for her and move on

  5. I know the feeling, and for us guys it's difficult….I don't have much time or money because it all goes to my kiddos, and any frivolous spending I do I worry would be taking away from them. It's naked but I'll force myself to do things I enjoy to make sure I'm happy enough to parent well, and I'd suggest you did the same

  6. You can't change people or control their actions, it's simply not possible. You can only control yourself and your own actions.

    This is the man that you married. He is cheating on you, so I'd highly advise divorce. I understand that perhaps divorce could be a taboo subject if you are middle eastern, but I really think you should prioritize your own happiness and self-respect. Your husband doesn't respect you, which is made clear by his words and actions.

    Staying with him is going to lead to a lot of heartache and resentment. Leaving him will be difficult as well, but I think it will benefit you in the long-term. You deserve to be with a partner who loves and respects you.

    Good luck OP.

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  8. Lol ditch this guy, he sounds like a beautiful pile of uselessness, and he’s certainly not treating you the way you deserve to be treated.

    Btw – someone spending money on you doesn’t mean they care. Some people are rich and buying you a $1k necklace might mean nothing to them. Someone who’s not willing to put effort in tells you all you need to know.

    Good luck!

  9. At your ages, there are no “breaks” she’s not trying to find herself, she’s trying to find herself without you. Take the hint and move on. Before you do that, sit her down and explain what will happen if this is what she wants. Outside of selling the house, you will have no contact with her. Before that happens you will need to find out which one of you keep the dog, there will be no sharing. After the funds from the house are split there will be no contact, period.

    This is not being cruel, she has asked to move out to find herself, how does she expect that to happen if you’re both dealing with the dog and talking all the time. You should also want to spare her feelings when you start dating and find someone else. Not to mention sparing your feelings when she starts dating. You aren’t in high school, the only kind of break is a clean and total break.

  10. It's always “different” with “them” 🙁 Every freaking 19/20/30-year-old who dates a 30/40/60-year-old thinks they are SPECIAL and it may have ALL THE SINGS of the same issues we all know, but it's D I F F E R E N T w i t h t h e m.

  11. Then do the right thing and tell her.

    Sorry but you have knowingly done this for a decade. Suddenly having the “oh, now it disgusts me” moment is not going to cut it I'm afraid.

    You are after some sort of absolution I gather so maybe take this as the first step. Start to make up for your wrong actions by taking a right action. You know it's going to be hard, you know that it could destroy her and ruin that family, but you also know that this action is just one of the last parts your role in this affair plays.

    What happens after this will probably not involve you any more. That is aside from whatever your conscience gives you.

  12. What is a “significant amount of weight” to you? Because if she's gained 20 pounds and that's caused you to completely lose physical attraction to her, then maybe you aren't ready for a longterm relationship, especially if you plan to have kids. But if it's 100+ pounds then that's different.

  13. You should ignore him. This is how he's going to act for every milestone you have. Moving in together, marriage, first pregnancy, etc. Healthy people don't do this. I can see a scenario where he cheats on you because you guys had a baby and he was so depressed the baby is now number one or some lame crap like that. Trust me, find someone else.

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