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Date: September 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “Dulce on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Furthermore, OP, you will never “need” children. This is 2023, not 1823. You do not need a large brood to run the family farm. No one “needs” children. Many people want them, which is wonderful. Some people want them very much. But it sounds like your BF and his family are mistaking their “want” for a “need” and pushing it on you. You really deserve better.

  2. You say you want to make an effort to fix it, but do you actually want it to be fixed? Do you want to stay married to this man? You’re allowed to leave, you’ve put in enough time and it’s okay to want a good relationship. Your husband sounds like an asshole

  3. That's probably intentional on his part. It's a common manipulation tactic that they treat you poorly one day and then flip to being sweet and caring another. It's supposed to confuse you.

    And it's not how a good person behaves. You shouldn't be confused about your partner's intentions.

  4. Have you considered a divorce? This sounds like you need a divorce. Marriage does not mean your husband owns your body or vice versa. You are allowed to say no. If he wasn’t your husband I’d bet you’d be calling the cops right about now.

  5. This is one of those fucked up situations that if a 32 year old man did this to YOU, the entire narrative would be way more horrific.

    This is fucked up. It's creepy and weird. It's also super insecure and kind of really pathetic. I don't mean to be mean, but I feel as if someone kinda needs to be a bit mean to you here; you're 32. You absolutely should have grown out of this sort of crap by the time you were old enough to switch from MySpace to Facebook.

    All the commenters saying to leave him alone are right. You can't come back from this because unfortunately for you, you're a grown ass woman, and not a teenager fucking around for a laugh. This man was looking for some normal stability in his life, and you're playing stupid little catfish games with him.

    Just lame energy.

  6. I mean, she said she's felt this way since she moved here, when you were 20 and she was 26. She's getting ready to leave because she never planned on staying with you. She planned on staying in your country. Countries don't typically sign legally binding contracts when they're that young, though, so good thing she found you.

  7. This stunning lack of common sense and decency on his part I can’t imagine what he’ll do in the future. This is just disgusting behavior and you should not marry this person. This is leaps and bounds beyond forgivable.

  8. I feel like he doesn’t really love ME but he just wants to love and be loved. Like it’s not about ME, I’m just who’s here right now.

    Male perspective here. I think you are on point here.

    He is either affection starved or just unable to handle his emotions properly and also he's trying to show off that he has gf now and he doesn't really care who the gf is as long as he has one(judging from the public inappropriate touching etc). I'm ashamed to admit but I was in that mindset when I was 18-19 but luckily I've managed to grow up by making a lot of mistakes and also it took few more years before I was ready for having relationship.

    Anyway he is not ready for relationship. He needs to grow up and understand that relationship is not only saying “I love you” and having sex, you probably have to sit him down and talk openly about what's been bothering you and just put it on the table like you did in this post and you'll see where to go from there.

  9. No, not ok. If someone better comes in, he will choose him. She’s with you not because she loves you. It’s because you’re the practical choice.

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