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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Dude, suck it up. These things happened before you got together. Alright the affair shows a lack of judgement/morality but it may have been that she was in it before finding out, but does it really matter? As for the best friend thing, you had no idea they’d hooked up, she told you they did and that you had the bigger dick and were better in bed (not mutually inclusive things).

    Suck it up and move on cupcake

  2. Not a big fan of it either. I like it on occasion, but I usually have to be pretty intoxicated. And then it feels really good, but even then I don't like it for more than a couple minutes at a time. Just not my thing.

  3. I'm not saying they can't continue to talk through this but everyone is these comments are acting like he basically already fucked her because apparently guys can't possibly not fuck a chick just because she tries

  4. A few months isn't waiting. Experts recommend at least 6 months of of solid relationship before you even meet the kids, and at least a year before you even think about moving in. What was in the rush in meeting them? Why couldn't he have waited longer?

  5. This. It’s not about money – he got you literal junk that you would MAYBE put into a Secret Santa draw for work, if the spending limit was like $10 and you really didn’t like your coworkers at all.

    You can’t judge how much someone loves you by how much money they spend on you – but you absolutely can judge how much someone values you by the amount of effort they put into the things that matter to you. Gifts matter to you; knowing that the person who ostensibly loves you has taken time and effort just to THINK of what you’d like to receive, matters to you, even if it doesn’t cost a cent.

    I think you should bring this up to him and actually remove money from the equation altogether, as this will remove the possibility that he thinks you’re just gold digging (which is so messed up and insulting from a man who bought you literal trash as a gift that I won’t even deal with it). Say something like, “I was a little hurt after receiving your gifts this year, because it felt like nothing you gave me was actually a reflection of me or of us or what I like. It felt like stuff that you’d give to someone you barely know, stuff that took little or no effort from you. Even the photo of the plant – I mean, if you’d drawn me a picture of the plant and framed it that would be lovely, because that would show time and effort on your part to make something for me. I know spending money isn’t something you like doing, and I don’t want you to think this is about wanting expensive things, so I’d like to make a rule that for gifts from now on I don’t want you to spend money buying me something. Make me something, write me a love letter, draw me a picture, cook me a meal I love – just anything that shows you actually thought about what would make me happy and didn’t just grab the cheapest random thing you could get your hands on. I don’t need you to spend money to show your love, but I DO need you to spend something – time, effort, thought, energy. Because if you’re not expending any of those things when you choose a gift for me, it makes me feel like I’m not worth anything to you, even in the ways that have nothing to do with money.”

    One last thing I will add is that money is a leading source of marital conflict and divorce. A serious relationship with someone who doesn’t share your financial values can end badly. This isn’t just about the gifts; it’s about spending vs saving and what you consider to be a worthwhile use for your money. Clearly, gifts are not one of them for him – does that extend to holidays? Personal possessions? Appearance? Stuff for kids? Do you agree on some or all of those? Again, you don’t have to have concrete answers now, but it is something you should keep in mind. Building a future with someone you know doesn’t like to spend money on anything, when you are not of the same mindset, is a shaky proposition. Don’t assume that financial security or life milestones like marriage or home ownership would make him any different about this issue.

  6. Not at all accurate. Partner and I have a good 20 hoodies, my 20 or so work dresses, and my whole larp costuming crammed into a small walk in closet. It's fine. You hang them up, you squish them down and keep going

  7. it's okay if he goes out but i'd be just a bit uncomfortable in such a situation that he's out partying and im here with dad

  8. If your wife found out YOU had a condition that might shorten your life – would you be banished from the child's life in case you died and they were sad?

    Take it a step further. According to OP's Wifes medical history, she's the one who is genetically predisposed to heart issues and dying young. Based on her own logic, her baby should be kept away from her because she might die young, like her father.

  9. Just ask yourself whether you’d wear a thong if your girlfriend told you she’d love to see you in them. Go a step further and try some on for one hour. Whatever your response is, that’s your answer.

  10. That's true. She's good at delegating what you will bring to dinner…

    But there is something not right with your SIL for sure. Like the beige color food is strange.

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