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  1. I strongly suggest you respect the space that your children are creating for themselves and perhaps sign up for some family therapy for you and your husband to learn how to gain some insight into this situation. If, one day, your children decide to speak to you again you may be more equipped to listen rather than continuing to push their boundaries.

  2. While therapy is never a bad suggestion, he is never going to change this habit. So, why continue the self-abuse of him ignore your boundaries.

  3. I am part of the lgbt+ community and I stand by my original comment. And there’s nothing wrong with that being the case either

  4. Humans are individuals. You might be a “hard ass” who values “tough love” but the way even the exact same mental illnesses are felt and treated immensely different from person to person.

    Please don’t assume whatever niche thing helped you will help the majority.

  5. If you are committed to making it work, educate them. That sounds awful. You wouldn't think that if the person didn't have a vagina. Do it all the time they night shift perspectives a bit.

  6. So why do you need weed in your life? Does it give you something your boyfriend doesn't? Do you plan on having kids with him? Drugs have no place in a relationship.

    If weed is more important than a commitment from a loyal guy, then I guess your priorities will reign. Good luck

  7. I wouldn't call it controlling – he told you how he feels about it, and that if you want to go down that path, you can go your separate ways.

    I don't personally care what people in general do in their own time, in safe private spaces, as long as not doing dangerous activities impaired, or exposing anyone else who doesn't want to participate. That said, I don't want to participate, even on the fringe, and would never date someone who smokes, either. It reeks, and that is a stink that doesn't come out of things.

  8. If you do not consent then she is behaving like a predator, end story. I understand you know her very well and she is your wife. But history and gender mean nothing if someone decides to ignore consent. To be clear, I am not calling her a predator. But the behavior of someone doing this is wrong and can be malicious. It can go all the way to lacing your self care products with her bodily fluids without your knowledge or consent, which can get you sick. If you sit down with her and discuss her kinks in a positive way so she understands that you may or may not be into them and that's your choice, that's a good move. Similar to asking a woman to do anal if you are a man. But if you say no and she still goes on, you should help her seek therapy or get yourself safe.

  9. That is fine I mean, its not wrong to take your time to reflect and think by yourself, if she notices it you can just explain it to her like “Im sorry some stuff is going on in my life so I may feel distant because I am thinking about it, will let you know once its over”

  10. You're welcome! Happy to validate your completely reasonable feelings!

    Some peoples' defense mechanism is to act like everyone is being mean to them so they dont have to face their own faults or missteps. He is not your victim and if he can't have a reasonable conversation where he doesn't accuse you of this, then even more reason to break up!

    It's important to be eye to eye on things like this so going forward, I 100% recommend you discussing with potential partners what their view on animals and pets is. That way you don't waste each other's time.

    Honestly it's good to do a check on your compatibility regarding all different kinds of values before deciding to make a relationship serious

  11. Any other examples? And why can't you just do what she asks? If I ask my husband to turn on the heater he can assume I'm cold and he does it. If my husband asks me to go get him a drink (even if he is just sitting on the couch next to me) I go and get him one and assume he is thirsty and had a reason for not feeling like getting up (maybe his back hurts, maybe he is exhausted and just can't find the energy to get up at the moment, whatever I don't care what the reason is). Sometimes in a relationship you do something for the other person simply because they need it done. That's just how it works. You both do things for the other. Take care of one another.

  12. Forget about your sister's boyfriend. You're telling me that for 15 years you have gone solo to all your family's events and just left your boyfriend behind? What about your children? Do you take them with you or are they not invited either? Both are awful by the way.

    You never thought it was strange? Do you get excluded from his family too?

  13. Guys can get real weird when you reject them. Most women try to find the path of least resistance to get out of the interaction. Telling him she was engaged could have prompted some weird competitive stuff. It sounds like her read on the situation was that the fastest way out was to take his number. She told you about it, she didn’t hide anything. Green flag.

  14. I don’t think you have to say anything. Love can also be acts of service. Just treat him good, do something special once in a wile like a nice dinner or fave candy. Boys like flowers too. And don’t say anything. Hold him close and live! on him. He did this act of service for you because he loves you!!! Maybe this moment and his protection can help you find some peace in this trauma. I’m sure it’ll come up naturally one day anyways.

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