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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Yeah if he's a logical person he probably already thought of this. Obviously I don't know anything about your relationship but unless marriage is a scary level of commitment he should probably see the logic behind it.

    I'd just bring it up to him. Use your best judgement to try and be clear so he doesn't think your hiding secret reasons, other than what you/i said… That's the only thing I can think of really.

  2. Lady, no. First off what is a 34 year old doing with 22 year old? And no—majority of the time it’s not just love. Second, why would you introduce your child to him, you just met him and no it doesn’t matter if the baby has seen him before this is exactly how bad situations start and your already letting him hang around. You’ve only been together for 3 months. Third, he’s just another baby and this is back to my first point. Why do you think he’s so different, he’s out here making fun of younger moms. You need to do better and realize this is a bad situation on its own and you could be putting your kid in danger. Your a young mother and so was she but yet you think he’s so different towards you. You are also a young mother and you should have shut him down the minute he started it up. You ARE NO different. Finally four, you cannot be serious, he’s not “responsible?!” He’s older then you are and he acts like he’s 5. He’s guilt tripping you. Your not the responsible one because he “can’t do it” your the responsible one because he wants you to do it so he knows he has someone to run back to that will fall for his guilt tripping. All the signs are There and you are running right past them.

  3. In your opinion, sure it could be an accusation. I disagree though, maybe because I don't play around with people who don't say what they mean. Looks like we're both biased. Fortunately I'm sure OP knows how it was intended.

  4. Not your circus not your monkeys.

    I.E. You handle your family and any bad behaviors to let them know you are backing your spouse. Instead of them trying to blame your SO fire the no, knock it off, etc.

    It's about having your spouse and but making them feel with your family's crazy on their own.

  5. Don't continue the relationship if that erotic spark is gone. It's all right to break up. I doubt that spark will return. It lasted through the 6 month “honeymoon period” but what would make it come back? Maybe it's the long drive, maybe you no longer believe in the relationship. You're young. It's ok to break up, hopefully to remain friends.

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