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Eliza, 18 y.o.

Location: Germany

Room subject:

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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Don’t let your dick confuse you between work friendship and romance. Your coworker is seeing a work friendship, your dick is making it into wanting more than that at the expense of your real relationship. The grass is always greener. As soon as you got with the coworker (assuming she would reciprocate) you’ll want something else. This is the nature of desire. It always wanes. You need to find inside of you what you feel you lack.

  2. Nah man none of this stuff is normal at all. I’m sorry to tell you that either this dude is massively selfish or simply not interested in the relationship anymore. 25 is too old to act like this. The pets thing gets me, life is hot sometimes, you need to deal with it for your partner when they need it.

  3. He was willing to do form a relationship with my family he just changed his mind on Friday night.

  4. therapy? how do you think he might take a therapist seriously when it's just another person he's paying?

    I'd recommend simply doing the same back to him, that's the only way narcissists ever understand (speaking from experience here)

  5. He got away from us and we stopped seeing each other

    Years later, it turned out that one of the children was not hers, he had the others done dna tests and they were not his.

    I'm not seeing, I'm not following, just one of the friends updated the status,

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