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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I think it can only work if whatever is causing the issue can and has changed. Distance, work schedule, one or both people attend therapy (WHICH TAKES LONGER THAN A FEW WEEKS TO CHANGE THINKING AND PATTERNS).

    If he's “exhausted of the relationship” he's done, unfortunately. Just let it go. You're putting yourself thru double the pain if you don't.

  2. OP I'm glad you got lucky this time – this could have gone south real quick. Next time you drink alcohol, be prepared for more surprises.

  3. Well he's young, doesn't understand what's going on, and he misses you. That's just how it works when someone you like leaves your life.

    Hopefully mom learns her lesson and keeps this from happening to him again.

    Everyone involved here is young, and some life lessons have to be learned the hot way.

  4. Couples therapy. Absolutely if you can't break up with him.

    His behaviour is abusive. Or so extremely childish and immature to be the same as abusive.

    His inability to talk to you but instead scream make threars and run away is clearly frightening and not Absolutely not a healthy adult way to have a relationship.

    Its potentially a form of bullying. If its the only form of abusive in the relationship it might be thats its immaturity. And sounds like a serious mental issue in his fear and rage response to not being able to deal with his own behaviour.

    If there are any other forms of manipulation aggressive behaviour, threats, efforts to control or manipulate, silent treatment, gaslighting then its clearly just part of an abusive relationship system that he potential leant from his patents as a child.

    Be careful that he doesn't escalate it into violence on you.

    If you do break up with him do not do it alone. Thats when abusers tend to kill.

    He may very well need a medical intervention if his behaviour is that out of control.

    Please be careful. Please reach out to people you trust for help and assistance.

    It might be best if you see a therapist on your own secretly first and talk it all through just in case you do need to involve the police or medical officers.

  5. You cannot be seriously wondering if you should leave. Leave, sue him also. He’s a their, Laura, cheat and perfectly willing to f*ck you over. See an attorney, perhaps they can fight the validity of you in the original contests. You’re not married and don’t own the house. Why did they even need you to sign, bat all? Did you bF know the contractors? Is this a total scam, are they in on it, too? Something so wrong with all of this.

  6. If he had Said Fat I would agree with you. but I also love chubby Women,the sex is always great

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