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Date: September 25, 2022

31 thoughts on “Emily , ⭐️ the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. This is going to sound harsh, but you have one life. Ask yourself how you would act if you’re in the same situation a year from now. Five. Ten.

    Act accordingly.

  2. Sorry, what's the problem? Are you worried about rumours between her and yourself or about hearing the rumours about her?

    How old are you both?

  3. The second a one person in the relationship cheats its ruined nothing you can do to the relationship she already hasn't.

  4. “How do I save this?”

    You don't!

    Your gf is entitled, manipulative, immature and far too demanding. If she wants to go and sleep with her ex she can go and fucking live! with him too and then you're free to find a girl who respects you and doesn't treat you like an ATM and sperm doner.

    RUN, dont walk away!

  5. I'm curious if you noticed that your mother did exactly what your brother tried to do. Emotional blackmail. Using her heart condition to manipulate you into doing what she wanted. Guess that's where he learnt it from.

  6. Doesn’t seem like there is a second chance. But if you really do want clarity then yes, straight up asking if she’s interested in having anything with you will give you some closure and help you with your next move. I will say though most girls wouldn’t barely talk to the guy that they like.

  7. Why is H willing to tolerate being abused by his long-time “friend”? Doesn't sound like a very good friend to me. Has H ever expressed his concerns about the relationship to A?

    I don't see any way other than the truth. If you give in, you'll just be more angry and resentful. Either way, the friendship is going to be hurt.

    Act like adults, not doormats. Good luck.

  8. Sense of security probably wasn’t the right phrase. But I do trust him and I love him. But shit, I wish the guy would take pictures of us even if he doesn’t post it. I’m a teenage girl, it’s probably just a dating thing in this generation but I just want him to show me off for once lol. Or even have things for himself to look back on

  9. All right, and so what does that change about OPs feelings on it? He should accept it cause ballet dancers do? Come on.

    With that logic he should be okay with her swinging because “some couples do it”.

  10. And I know off the top of my head like 6 people who would have a problem with it… and we're 21-22, all liberal, not religious, open with our sexuality etc

    I sleep around alot and am the farthest thing from a religious extremist and I would not be ok with this.

  11. Nudity is not inherently sexual though. Or at least it doesn’t have to be, and people need to get more comfortable and aquatinted with that idea.

  12. I am too tired anyways, in a couple of days I will finally be out of here and get some peace and quiet. But for the last time, a crush is way different than actually developing feelings. Its not even in the same ballpark.

  13. Nonetheless, I'm unsure of how to take it on the Tina front

    Tell her it was a dick move for a start. Find out why she did it as well, maybe she'll apologise. Hopefully an honest conversation will get you to air your side of the greivance and then you can consider your next moves based on her responses.

    Some credit to Sheila on actually stepping up to apologise, but your issues with Sheila are secondary to those with Tina.

  14. If he normally IS into celebrating birthdays, and this is a serious departure from normal, than sit down and talk about it.

    I’d clearly address the behavior you want changed first:

    “Every time I bring up my birthday, you’ve been making very negative, judgmental, and dismissive remarks. It’s hurting my feelings and I want you to stop. If you don’t have anything positive to say about it, please just don’t say anything at all. Will you agree to this?”

    If he won’t, then you’ve got a big problem on your hands – a husband who is knowingly and intentionally hurting you, and who doesn’t intend to stop. At the very least I’d be packing my bags (or ask him to pack his) and spending some serious time apart to regroup and think.

    If he does agree to stop, though, then I’d try to get to the bottom of what the heck is going on. And that would sound a lot like:

    “This behavior isn’t our normal, what’s going on?”

    And on the off chance that this is some kind of terrible sitcom-esk set-up, where he’s doing the “we forgot/hate your birthday to throw you off the scent of the surprise party” -type nonsense, tell him he’d better stop it right now. Because it’s only creating bad memories and damaging your marriage.

  15. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, I can get why people think it’s cute. I personally HATE attention on myself so if someone did this I would hate it. But if he doesn’t mind that then go for it!

  16. Regardless of whether she wants to experience others during this “break,” or not, it’s clear that she is not into you as you are to her. For your own mental health, prepare to learn in the coming weeks that you are a pleasant memory.

  17. Hi! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to discuss this, you made a lot of valid points here and I’ve also thought about them in hindsight.

    To answer your question, I do have his number. Whatsapp is tied to cellular numbers so we know each other’s contacts, but we use the app more as it’s more convenient and easier to track.

    Yes, I definitely agree with you on the video call thing. I will ask him to make time for a VC so we can talk properly.

    This connection has been transformative for me, he helped me overcome my self loathing. He gave me that assurance na I was more than enough and that I have nothing to worry about. So, I will do my best to make it work or atleast see it through should it not go my way. 🙂

  18. Yeah that’s not normal, at all. I have never kissed even my best friends I’ve know 99% of my life. Cheating can be cheating no matter the gender & your boundaries are yours to have. People don’t have to agree, remember that, but you absolutely don’t have to be okay with this. I’m sorry that’s weird as heck though.

  19. (the thought of pregnancy actually terrifies me!)

    dude, this freaks me out too so much. The fact that they purposely keep us in the dark about a lot of it because of how awful it is???? Like wtf?

  20. Gabba listed “all the mental health problems, boredom, attributes, and crushing on other people” as reasons why she would want to date for seven years before getting married. (I don't know what she meant by “attributes”).

    I was trying to make two points. Waiting longer before making a commitment won't protect you from those problems. Also, you can't avoid problems without also avoiding the joys that the ups and downs of life bring.

  21. He behaved inappropriately. He needs to own up to that. His actions go beyond comforting. He also should explain to you why he wasn’t there for you when you needed him to be there for you like he was for your roommate. I wouldn’t continue the relationship with that unsettled. Don’t let him blame it on you being insecure. Your roommate even said it was too much so it’s his actions that made you feel less secure in the relationship. Blaming people for insecurities really is stupid because if your partner behaved like a good boyfriend, you’d feel secure.

  22. Some people are just very naive. I have a aunt who is a conversation hog. Her sister, my mother, always said “oh she doesn't mean anything by it.” “That's just Jenny”, “she is a nervous person”. Meanwhile other people have reacted with “she is rude”, “she needs to be told to share the conversation space.”

    I mention that as a example of people being naive and believing what they want to believe.

  23. Almost reads as a kitchen line worker telling the waitresses they are amazing and beautiful and her playing along to keep things cool at work. Prob not her actual job, just a common occurrence in restaurants. But to be actually considering a vacation with him? What in the world? I would say flat out that a solo vaca with a man is a NO regardless of feelings but the fact that he loves her? Like, what is she thinking? You are worried about her getting mad at you for saying no, but I’d be mad at her for even considering this. It’s not a “friend”. It’s a guy from work who likes her and wants to get her alone. Ask her if you could go on vaca with a woman alone. Why does she even want to be alone with this guy and on vacation without you

  24. Curious why still reaching out. its been only 4 days.

    Because she wants both of you. And doesn't care about hurting either of your feelings with your actions.

  25. My advice is to plan a day for sex every week. The planning and anticipation should increase desire for both of you. Hopefully this will lead to more unplanned sex. Also you seem rather passive. I would ask what happens when you initiate sex but you mentioned that you don't because you are hoping she will initiate. That's passive/agressive. Her asking for BDSM is a good indication that she wants you to take the active role

  26. Do you realize he is still lying to you? He told you she was a friend of friend. If this was true, there would be no point not telling about it as the news would spread among his friends.

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