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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Does he work? Usually the courts will garnish someone's wages if they're not on top of child support, but if he has no income there's nothing to garnish. Is he legally a dependent of someone in his family or does he just take money from them to fund his life? Does he have any sort of trust?

    I would speak to a lawyer first to see what your options are, and if they are not optimistic about your chances of getting financial support from him, go to his family. It doesn't really matter what he thinks about you doing this as it sounds like you have no relationship and he's not going to be an involved father anyway so you have nothing to lose.

  2. C doesn’t respect your marriage. Man, woman, whatever. If spouse says it makes them (reasonably) uncomfortable- cut it off. No ifs or buts.

  3. Never had anything like this happen before, like she’s gone out of town plenty of times, idk what it was with this one, it felt off from the beginning. And brahhhhh I’m chill as a cucumber hahahaha but forreal never been like this with anyone else or her

  4. Your dad shouldn't be doing that to people. I'm not even sure if your mom likes it. Just because someone does something all the time it's okay. Your girlfriend said something about her boundaries and you didn't listen. How can she trust you? The next time she might even leave you if you continue to be this of a pansy. I'm sure that your dad wouldn't like some guy Patton your mom's ass.

  5. I should elaborate and include my thoughts surrounding my marriage and what I thought was love. I loved my married life, was absolutely loyal. Yes it was peppered with bad times, but my view was that was just part of marriage and I loved my wife, at least who I thought she was and all that comes with “falling in love, getting married and having kids”. So when my gf and I started having “those feelings” I began thinking that our relationship was moving into just a swinging scenario that only involved shared play and not soloing, at least that’s where it looked like it was heading. But this is territory that neither one of us considered.

    I see 3 scenarios:

    Continue Continue but cease our physical relationship and develop our friendship. Go our separate ways.

  6. Forget about your husband. Do not EVER speak to your friend again. Put a pause on thinking about your marriage.

    Invest in a good therapist. Ask yourself why you don't seem to have any pride, any self-esteem, any dignity. Ask yourself why your standards are so low. Ask yourself if this is the example you want to set for your children. Ask yourself what you would tell your own child, if they came to you in your position, suffering.

    Ask yourself why you think this is the best you can do with your life.

    Take my advice, OP: the 'happy' home you are degrading yourself for… it will not be happy. Your children will see you being treated like shit by their father, and they will think that it is normal. They will think that this is how things should be. They will grow up, and imitate both of your bad behavior… and completely fuck up their lives.

    There are other men out there. Men who will be loyal, men who will be faithful, men who cherish you, men who would not give you up for anything or anyone else.

    Leave your husband. Let him have your disgusting trash excuse of a 'friend.' Get as much alimony as you deserve, and go forth and on-line your life. Show your children how to live with dignity and pride. Don't resign yourself to this utter embarrassment of a situation.

    You can do it, OP.

  7. I just left a toxic relationship (f60) (m65) he was very mentally abusive. It is very hard to leave. If he threatens to leave, let him go, help him pack his stuff and don't let him guilt you into letting him stay. Be strong, you are so much better than him and deserve to feel good about yourself! I have only been gone a week and I'm already so much happier now. The stuff he says will stay in your head for a long time. Talk about it, let it out, be free.

  8. Fancy dinner’s are for my wife’s enjoyment honestly. I’ve eaten some good meals but in the end I don’t care how good the food is, once I’ve finished the end result is the same whether it was a high end restaurant or a family diner: I’m full and get to keep on living lol.

    If it were just up to me I’d rather spend the money on more permanent things.

  9. “Parts of my body have been molded with plastic through science, I can no longer breast feed my or our offspring, and my/our offspring will not look or be shaped like me. I need you to disregard all this because my feelings must come first, an if you feel a different way youre trash of a man.” Did I translate this right?

  10. It’s just weird ya know? It’s not that I don’t trust my gf I don’t trust her friend. She has painted a super weird “environment “ around her that makes me overthink Everytime they go to bars together you know? I don’t want to be that toxic bf who says she can’t hang out with people and I can’t change her past or who she’s Hooked up with, and I’m not perfect either. I also have a hot time expressing how I feel about things because I am so worried about how the other person is going to feel and I know o can’t control that and I need to be able to be honest about my own feelings with myself and how other people respond to it, is up to them

  11. Victim-abuser reversal right there. He is the abuser and he's playing the victim. It won't get better. Run.

  12. Thanks for your comment. She admitted that she's masturbated while thinking about her ex from 20 years ago, too… Do you think that's also common?

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