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  1. Your husband is in his mid 30's and still watches American Pie?

    This wasn't enough proof that you're married to a child?

  2. psychiatrists don’t typically provide therapy.

    i’m not familiar with the US system so I can’t speak to that.

    for me the adhd situation described in OP with regards to medication doesn’t add up. if anything a psychiatrist is needed to reassess dosage if the behaviours described are happening. it’s certainly not typical presentation of a properly medicated adhd case

  3. For what it’s worth. I’ve been with my wife for 30 years and never cheated. It’s not that big a deal. Your ex is trying to justify his behavior by saying every man acts like him. That’s a child’s logic.

  4. I feel like I could really mess up my friendship with him (and probably my daughter’s friendship with his brother) if I told him how I felt.

    Interesting that possibly messing up your relationship with your daughter didn't make your list of concerns. Because it almost certainly would.

    Of all the possible hook-ups in your vicinity, this one is at the top of the 'No! Not this one!' list.

  5. Saying that she knows she messed up is not the same thing as feeling true empathy or remorse. There's a big difference between going “Oh shit I think I might have just messed my relationship up!” to “I feel terrible for hurting this person like this” (and your GF sounds more like the former than the latter). By blaming you for her behaviours, your GF is not displaying any real sense of personal accountability over her actions (which she is entirely responsible for). And if she doesn't take ownership for her actions, then you can't expect her to change her behaviour either.

    Your GF hurts you, and she then blames you for hurting her- this is toxic/abusive behaviour. Your self-esteem also comes off as being very low and I think you need to value yourself more.

    Sure- your relationship might have its good moments every now and then. But it also has a lot of bad ones (and the way your GF is treating you is not good nor normal). You can fall in love with people in life who are ill-suited to you. And if you don't ever learn how to deal with heartbreak, then you will never free yourself from such unhealthy dynamics.

    Facing up to the end of a relationship is hard, but you will become much stronger for it over time.

  6. Ok…hear me out? Is it possible this was just a very ill timed and insensitive joke? Or like a moment of saying the thing that was the worst thing that could have been said and regretting it later? Anecdotally, my boyfriend has opened his mouth and said the dumbest possible thing at times and he has been genuinely sorry later or if confronted. I dont think he’d ever say something like this to me when I’m bed ridden but it doesn’t sound like OP is used to this kind of behavior either. 10 years is a long time to not see someone’s true colors so it seems unlikely this guy is just unmasking but anything is possible.

    Obviouslyit may be too personal but hoping OP can post a brief update on her partners explanation, or lack thereof….

  7. This is just false. Days later is NOT wrong at all. It would not affect the communication AT ALL of she wouldn't make an issue of it.

  8. Your mother needs to grow the fuck up. That’s the advice you need. I’m questioning which of them is really the 13 year old here. She is beyond pathetic for this and this entire post proves that age =/= maturity. This is 100% on your mother.

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