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  1. If it feels like abuse to you, then it could be. A gentle slap in addition to harsh words like that could be construed as a veiled threat – that he will do worse if you continue to “disrespect” him.

    Thats conjecture on my part, but the point is that you're right to take it seriously. It sounds like you both need to work on your communication in any case, given that you had a heated argument that led to this scenario.

  2. his phone is off or uncharged.

    I'm insane and bored and his car is home.

    he doesn't want me to be able to reach him,

    he has a very needy family

    I just desperately want to be able to reach my boyfriend

    I don't consider myself a needy girlfriend whatsoever,

    He grew up with a needy family and probably considers your behaviour normal but copes by blocking you out.

    just makes me want to give him what he wants and never speak a word to him ever again.

    You say it but you both know you are too needy and going nowhere.

    You are way too bored and desperate. He’s not a solution to boredom.

  3. Idk what your exact situation is but a lot of therapists have a sliding scale if you’re paying out of pocket!

  4. You go get an iud plugged up in you a couple times.

    If he’s serious about staying married and wishes to respect her decision not to have children then it’s petty to not assume his share of that burden.

  5. If she had just said that it was too much and she couldn't handle it, then that would be something to work on.

    The idea that you took it too far and manipulated her kindness? What? How do you go from asking for you to open up your life to making it your fault she is feeling bad.

    She doesn't seem to be processing this and instead has decided to split, she just hasn't done it yet.

    Honestly I would stop trying to “fix it” as you did nothing wrong. What I would look into is how to process this yourself not only what you have gone through but to talk about what areas other people can handle, I say this as a person trained and we have supervisors ourselves so we can talk to someone with things that are difficult to handle.

    She seems to have thought that your difficulties where more of the garden variety that maybe you had an overcontrolling parent or overprotective, things she could relate to, but that wasn't the case and now she doesn't want to or cannot process how she feels about you knowing you went through all that. It has changed how she sees you.

    You cannot put those words back in the box, you cannot now change how she sees you. That isn't your fault at all, she asked a question she wasn't prepared for the answer to, that is on her.

    I am really sorry, I have lost friends due to a tendency to over share things, so I can empathise with you though truthfully I can only imagine what you are going through, so whatever I say please understand that it is from my own experience and no one can know what it is like in your head and heart. I am sure you want to fix this and you never wanted this to happen. I hope it doesn't put you off talking to someone to help you process all of this.

  6. How did you accidentally get pregnant? I think they're assumption is logical to them since they don't know you for a year.

  7. You're absolutely right about the Jedi mind tricks. I feel like so many of the posts here are from often young women trying to figure out how to say a certain incantation, a magical spell that will somehow make him see her as a person.

  8. Tell your MIL to either return your stuff or rent a hotel room for 2 weeks, considering it's about the same price. She's not your mother and doesn't need to meddle in your life. PERIOD.

  9. Your parents are also wrong. Either she changes or you leave her. Her behavior is not normal or healthy. It’s a stereotype that ruins men.

  10. I get it. You’re just wrong.

    He had no obligation to tell her on any particular timeline about a possibility just because they were dating. There is absolutely nothing dishonest about that. He doesn’t need an excuse. There was no jeopardy for her in any way. And he did tell her. Before the baby was born. And then respected her decision.

    As I’ve said repeatedly. She had every right to end things if she didn’t like that he didn’t tell her sooner. That doesn’t mean he had any obligation to tell her on anything but his own timeline.

    The fact that you imagine a problem here is just a symptom of your entitlement. Have a great day.

  11. In after the edit. So glad you broke up with him. That’s a huge red flag and shows what he’s really thinking about. No jokes here.

  12. If all you did was talk, your bf should trust you. Next time, just tell him. As long as it's innocent, why not say something beforehand?

  13. Yeah man shes a bit of a child and probably didnt care for you all that much. If a girl really likes you she would be excited for you to meet her friends.

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