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  1. Very happy to hear are one of the ones that got out with your life, even gladder to hear you did not wind up stalked and terrorized so you could begin your healing process in peace.

  2. Your boyfriend sucks and doesn’t care about your well-being.

    Anything other than “you should get some rest, babe” is mind boggling

  3. I think you need to speak to her and have clarification because it seems like this woman is backing away because your husband was inappropriate. And I don’t believe the unsent messages he couldn’t figure out what to say to recover and then unsent them yeah it’s fishy I would be very suspect of his behavior. Go to her talk to her and clear this up ask her to please tell you the truth that you want to know if your husbands being a little bit shady.

  4. So weird. I really don’t get why you didn’t ask her. I’m sure she’s kind of busy at this time and probably feels some sort of weird about the whole thing. I’d just wait it out.

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