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  1. In this short post you've made, your bf has shown a lack of emotional maturity, insecurity, unreasonable jealousy, and worst of all, a lack of empathy towards you.

    This is my short observation based on a one off incident you wrote, about, of course. But I know someone who can confirm if any of these negative traits are present in a pattern in your bf, and that would be you.

    So take a long hot look at your bf and at your relationship and ask yourself if these traits are persistent in him, if you want a partner who exhibits them.

  2. It may not even be THAT, goddamnit!

    Don't drown her even more, heck!

    What one person DOES and lives has to do with that person.

    And not with anybody else.

    Otherwise sending the culprit to therapy as a surrogate instead of the one with issues would work miracles.


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