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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. While still in school she can stay that long on an F1, but if she graduates then she won’t have much time. I knew more than one relationship from my graduate program that ended because one partner was a foreigner and they had to leave after their OPT ran out

  2. I don't know if your advice would change based on this but it's my mum who gave me the ultimatum not a girlfriend.

  3. I never suggest divorce. Literally ever.


    He can be as fucking successful as he wants, on his own. And on the way out the door, take half his shit. This guys a turd. If ANYONE, especially my husband, told me he didn’t hug “fatties” I’d show them just wear I’d put my fat fist. This is insane. Wtf.

  4. Yeah, I checked it out and he seems to initially be pretty blythe about the whole thing, but changed his tune eventually.

  5. With all do respect sit, you buried the lead a bit. He spends his WEEKENDS on the computer? As in all day? Does he take breaks?

    If he’s being pulled into a depressing online community, that’s the source of his loss of vibrancy. Not the lack of a girlfriend.

  6. The only reply you should send her to her telling you the relationship is over is “good”. What a psycho.

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