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  1. This has to be fake because it’s so terrible. Your husband groomed and took advantage of you when you were a teenager; he wants to raise a daughter who will be easy to be groomed and taken advantage of. This is SICK… it literally makes me nauseous to think you married this guy and had a daughter with him. I have no real constructive advice other than to seek therapy and consider divorce.

  2. The financial side of him is very problematic and i really dont admire it. But many other things are good. I guess i was also very frustrated while writing the post. Do u think im being unreasonable or was it really rude and stingy of him to do yhat?

  3. the other day when i mentioned/reminded him i use they/them he said it goes against the english language. i asked how he felt if i dressed more masculine/androgynous and he said he’d leave because he’s not attracted to men. shocked me and i’ve been uncomfortable since.

  4. you asked for advice on moving forward. As you can see from all the comments, Redditors are mad on your behalf at your entitled, pushy mom-of-boyfriend. Amen!

    As to what to do though, I think you should tell your bf what happened, see what his response is,

    Go to to the dinner without being embarrassed at all. Think of some short scripts for things you might say to his mom and if it is awkward, either ignore it, deciding you can survive awkward because this is on her, or dive right in. In either case, do not be defensive.

    “I did your hair for free as a gift to you, because I am a kind person. It would not even be legal for me to do that at the school salon, and even if it were, I can't afford to have you volunteering me to give gifts to others. ”

    “People in school need money the same as anyone else, often more. It would make just as much sense for older people to pay extra for my services in order to help my career.”

    “Obviously, a family and friends discount, which does not exist, would only refer to my family and friends, not anyone else's. “

    “The school is funded in part by the small fees of people getting their hair done. The school gets the money, I do not, and you are not allowed to walk in and demand free services or to suggest other people do.”

    “I am glad you think I am sweet and you like me. I am actually sweet, and you know that because I did your hair for free as a gift for a special occasion. I am sure you will explain that to your friends.”

    “I am sorry that you misunderstood. “

    OK, some of these might be harder to say than others and might be hokey, but you get the idea- no apologies, head high, act normally, expect your bf to have your back, act as if there is no problem until you see there is, don't be defensive, speak frankly and clearly. In the hairdressing department, you already are more expert than she is. You get to set the rules.

    Of course, if your bf does not have your back, that's another story.

    Good luck!

  5. Oh I just misread the OP. Quite right, that's some pretty straight forward lying right there.

    I think people can have varying views on monogamy, but nobody should stay with a liar.

  6. So is is scared of birth or did you actually have a life or death situation?

    Would you risk your health just in case the next baby is a friend to your other child?

    I say this as I had a situation and if it had been a risk I would have decided that one child was enough as the thought of that child not having a parent was one I was going to consider.

    If he is traumatised then that is something that you could work on, as I had some PTSD that I had to work through and it helped. If it was a serious condition then talk to your doctor and find out if there is a big risk, with information you will be better placed to discuss it with your partner.

    I did go onto have 2 children and they do not interact because they are very different people, yes they get on but they are not best friends and probably won't be. Myself is closer to someone who is 5 years younger rather than same age, so age doesn't always help.

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