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  1. Let’s be real for a sec. Do anything more with this guy and he’s going to control your whole life. Sorry but it literally sounds like those stories of women converting and/or living in countries with very little respect for women. Not only is he changing but he’s doing it drastically, is he really into this cult or just the parts that are beneficial to men?

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  3. Yikes. You need to call it OP. She wants commitment, and you aren’t there. Let her go find someone who wants what she does.

  4. Sure, she’s not crying rape, but she’s leaving it up to your interpretation and placing that burden on you and leaving you with all these questions. That is completely unfair to you. My only advice is TRUST YOUR GUT.

  5. You're 19.

    Also, I don't know where you online, but check employment laws. Your supervisor may be violating your confidentiality by ratting you out to your dad, especially if he took any disciplinary action – even a verbal warning.

    You've had 2 years experience waiting tables. Maybe find a new job where your dad has no connections?

  6. Respectfully, I disagree. You don’t know the situation any better than I do. My life experiences have taught me if you don’t know something as fundamental as views on marriage after 5 years together, there is something seriously wrong with your relationship communication. I honestly cannot think of a situation where this lack of awareness would be accepted as normal or healthy. But sadly lots of people stay in relationships way past their expiration date – afraid to be alone, unable to support themselves, low self esteem, these can all lead someone to stay.

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