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  1. Thank you. As someone female who doesn't believe in the institution of marriage, that's all a wedding is. A very expensive party. It says nothing about the health or longevity of a relationship; it's completely irrelevant. The boyfriend seems to feel the same way as I do. But he is willing to participate in the party to give his partner her dream. That's sweet and says more about their love than signing some silly contract.

  2. No worries. That’s good, it sounds like she just needs better mental health support. Pregnancy can be a really bad trigger for EDs and body dysmorphia in general so she really needs to be in a good place physically and mentally before that. I wish you guys the best of luck.

  3. My fiancee knows but she hasn't met any of my friends yet, we just have very deep trust in each other and she knows I have a strict “IF I ever really had the desire to start being promiscuous, I'd break up with you. Break ups hurt for a short amount of time but cheating leaves deep emotional scars, I'd rather be up front and become single than cheat” mindset, it may seem harsh and stuff but it's more fair than going behind someone's back, cheating, and then potentially bringing an std back to your partner.

    OP's gf's behavior is pretty shitty, I will agree, but having once been in her shoes, dated someone like OP for 13 years, I can understand some of her behaviors.

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