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Date: September 27, 2022

9 thoughts on “Gigi Atlanta live sex chats for YOU!

  1. I don't think u should worry bout this xD

    I'm sure u would have more sex if u had more free time. Myself and my Bf only do it once a week as well and we're perfectly fine

    People got too much time on their hands if they having sex 4 times a week hahaha

  2. Yes the problem is the person who told the truth, not the liars. Good and healthy reaction to traumatic revelations.

  3. The party was January 5th, so I missed it. Neither of us went. He’s been gone since Jan 3rd and I think he broke up with me and told me to start packing.

  4. No I don’t think you should tell him. If he’s a co worker it could get out to others and if it ends in a messy way he will use the info against you.

    I’m always more on the side that you don’t have to disclose your history to anyone, even if you are dating them (unless it has the ability to impact them in some way, like an sti). It baffles me when ppl think they are entitled to know how many partners you have had previously etc etc. That is your business and they have no right to the info. If they get pissy about you not disclosing, they have the option to leave

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