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Date: September 27, 2022

16 thoughts on “Gigi Atlanta live sex chats for YOU!

  1. I don't think u should worry bout this xD

    I'm sure u would have more sex if u had more free time. Myself and my Bf only do it once a week as well and we're perfectly fine

    People got too much time on their hands if they having sex 4 times a week hahaha

  2. Yes the problem is the person who told the truth, not the liars. Good and healthy reaction to traumatic revelations.

  3. The party was January 5th, so I missed it. Neither of us went. He’s been gone since Jan 3rd and I think he broke up with me and told me to start packing.

  4. No I don’t think you should tell him. If he’s a co worker it could get out to others and if it ends in a messy way he will use the info against you.

    I’m always more on the side that you don’t have to disclose your history to anyone, even if you are dating them (unless it has the ability to impact them in some way, like an sti). It baffles me when ppl think they are entitled to know how many partners you have had previously etc etc. That is your business and they have no right to the info. If they get pissy about you not disclosing, they have the option to leave

  5. This depends on every relationship. Some couples are okay with this, some are not.

    He obviously broke your boundaries and doesn't seem very respectful in how he's handling this.

    The real problem here is how he's treating you. And tbh, I personally think it's gross how he acts about girls with his friends. Straight up teenage behavior. You feel slighted, you're hurt. It's okay to not like something a partner does. You communicated your issue with it, and his response is to make you feel worse? I'd leave, point blank. Take care and do you. He should be the one to grow up.

  6. All the comments I see look right to me, this sucks and it’s 100% his fault and 0% your problem to fix.

    But.. the only other thing I can think of is that maybe he’s trying to sweep the recent situation u see the rug to avoid his own feelings towards the miscarriage?

  7. oh genius I’m going to have to look into those kits myself

    I’m sure on the day of the wedding itself you’re going to find yourself helping out plenty. And if not, still try not to take it to heart. At the end of the day it isn’t a contest of who helps more on one day. I’m sure you’ve been there for her throughout your whole friendship in hundreds of other ways

  8. Apparently I have understood everything wrong… he isn’t rasist at all, it’s all in my head according to him.

  9. He has an addiction and just like every other addiction, he won’t stop until he decides it’s a problem.

    Right now? It’s not a problem to him. Nothing bad has really happened to him in his mind.

    Protect your peace lol. There was a post by a guy here who had the same addiction, didn’t stop until he “stumbled” upon his gfs nudes that were posted non consensually

  10. Has it been 4 years since being with this abusive ex or was it a long term relationship?

    If it has only been a short time then people would say that you need to find yourself and heal.

    However, if it has been 4 years then that is time enough from 22 to heal and find yourself. You can hide away and never try anything new or do what she is doing, which is finding a friend that you all know and trust and seeing how it goes.

    This is a man known to the family, not some stranger with unknown issues.

    She needs to leave home and be more independant, if she isn't already then they need to accept that she is an adult and can make her own choices, right or wrong she can learn from whatever she chooses to do.

    They are parents, who are there to help when needed, not protectors to stop her from personal growth, maybe talk to them about what they need and what they want to see in a person and point out the suitability of this person in their choices. The more you push the further away people get afterall.

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