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  1. Update: I explained the whole situation to him. He got sad and said that he's leaving tonight after work because I have cold blood and lied to his face. I tried to explain its because I get scared and pressured by him.

  2. You keep calling her a friend. Friends don't treat friends like this. She isn't acting like your friend. You are worrying more about her feelings than she is about you.

    Why are you clinging to her? Yes, it will be messy but how long are you willing to keep trying to find a way with no cost, which doesn't exist, to get her to stop?

  3. Many don't admit even after being caught- expect denial, truth trickling, and when cannot refute evidence- blame.

  4. This guy is the total package! Really well off, has a daughter and a 6 pack, and is totally cool setting the stage to move in on someone else's wife.

    What a catch you are, OP!

  5. it's to emphasize what's wrong separately on each level, to really hammer home that it isn't just one thing but many issues rolled into one scenario. It's actually pretty effective, especially for people who are might not be thinking about the situation objectively because their emotions are all over the place

  6. You boyfriend had a hand in getting you evicted and is mad you found a place? He was probably trying to get you in a position where you'd have to move in with him.

    Break it off.

  7. The title says it was an affair meaning it was most likely a long term thing and not just one kiss/one night stand. Pretty bad imo. Although props to her for actually telling him about it.

  8. When he got his wisdom teeth removed, he was in so much pain that we was literally slamming doors, banging his fists against the wall, and screaming and cursing for hours (not at me directly). I had never seen him like that before. I tried to help him, but he just started yelling at me so I left the house and let him deal with it on his own. After the pain subsided and he was “normal” again, I told him that the way he was acting wasn’t acceptable and he agreed. He’s never done it again. With that said, I think most of these comments are being overly dramatic. She’s shown you this side once in over 2 years together. Just talk to her.

  9. Think of it as the trash taking itself out and you’ll go on to better things

    Good riddance and whilst you may be hurting now I guarantee in a few months you’ll be laughing over why you cried over him

  10. You say, do you know what, I’ve been a complete and utter ? and lied about being able to have kids. She’ll probably run a mile, but ??‍♀️ you cocked right up OP.

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