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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Anyone who tells me I “need to trust” them is generally someone I need to not trust. At this point I think you know what you need to do. A request for a paternity test is not an unreasonable request. Not allowing one to happen is actually unreasonable. Tell her this is unnegotiable, and no more communication or contact will happen without one.

  2. Dump his ass … NOW Block his number on your phone. Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers… only those in your Contacts. Goddess, don’t dip below the water line – Cherish yourself

  3. Please stick with this mindset, even when you feel lonely. If he's already choking you 8 months into a weekend relationship (without even seeing you all the time/living with you) I can't imagine how he would treat you if you kept a pregnancy he didn't want.

  4. Unpopular opinion, you should go no contact and not talk to him. It will only make it odd. You should assume he’s going to keep them…. He’s going to pine for you for a while, then either save them somewhere his new GF can’t readily find them, or mayyyybbbbeeee delete them.

    Either way, you legally sent them to him and he is in possession of something you provided to him, so you can’t force him to delete them, so really what’s the point in ‘checking’. Depending on where you live, there may be some protections against displaying/sharing them, but that’s the exception more than the rule.

    While your both healing, work on accepting that you’ve already lost the opportunity to control the issue. You lost it when you sent it during the good times… if that’s any consolation. You gain no benefit from insulting him by asking if he honored his commitment you made while you were together. If you really need to, you can tell yourself he’s a stand up guy and he most certainly deleted them. Either way, run those conversations in your own brain, and maybe a therapist if you need too, but skip talking to him.

  5. I personally would not be ok in a LDR with my bf hanging out with a woman that he is that close with especially never meeting them.

    I'd be more interested in how they expressed that they are fully aware of their intentions because the actions don't match the words. Does she not have other more appropriate friends to lean on during her break up?

  6. Well if he's still traveling and that's when the infidelity occurred, that's a real issue.

    Have you told your mom that your father wants her back?

  7. Bruh I just slept mine off. I didn't need constant, undivided attention at all. Giving me hella Unemployed Squidward vibes.

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