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Hailey, y.o.

Location: Illinois, United States

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Date: October 1, 2022

8 thoughts on “Hailey the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Okay thanks for the input, im just nervous is all. I love her and trust her- im just scared is all, i wanna think positive and power though. Glad u think its going to work, that’s reassuring to hear

  2. Lmao “wife material” “wife me up”

    This guy is a joke. Has he thought about whether or not he’s “husband material” or if he’s good enough to “husband up”?

  3. That's the reality of living as a woman. It's none of anyone else's business how we deal with the harassment we face. Very often we have to decide between bad options, weighing which one will cause us the least harm.

  4. To you…. Why are we asking our friends opinion on under garments… Like I have noticed a lot of this lately…

    To him… Is he mad because he wasn't the one to get the picture, because you sent in to someone else and he doesn't believe who you say it was, or because you took the picture in general? Like I'm confused based on what you have provided as to where his derision is coming from… I can understand being upset. Like if my husband send underwear pictures to someone (regardless of gender) for an opinion on the item when he could send to me or ask me at home and Visa versa. Its just invasive and also when you are in a committed relationship there are things that should be “my eyes only”

    I am a big proponent of not sending any pictures that are not fully clothed unless you are married to the person. I mean take the picture if you want but I wouldn't be sending to anyone at all. Especially if it is just for an opinion on the item you are wearing. You can lay it on the bed or hang on a hanger to get an opinion of the garment itself if needed.

  5. I'm not saying the mf has to walk in like he just won the lotto. But the decent “Hi” & catch up later will literally be just fine.

  6. I'm guessing the latter. If she wasn't enjoying the attention, she wouldn't be playing these games.

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