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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. i just wanna say even though the way you got together was because of that but he obviously loves you if hes stayed for 6 years doubt it has anything to do with the bet i doubt the dude wouldve stayed if all you were to him was a bet i know it hurts that thats how your relationship started but he obviously has genuine feelings for you

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  3. That’s the sign of another woman claiming him.

    Start investing. Start with looking at the phone bill, look for any unknown numbers he frequently texts/calls. Check his phone, all messsages. Check apps that you can send or receive money. Also check credit card/debt card statements and do a credit check for hidden accounts.

  4. It won't bring you clarity . Fucking someone because you got fucked around on WILL NOT get you anything but laid . Honestly , you should just dump your husband because you won't ever fully trust him and his confession can be a smokescreen for him to fuck around more . You are about to do something stupid .

  5. You might ask your mom more about her feelings, even if you don’t agree it could be useful.

    I think it is becoming less and less socially acceptable for men to date much younger women. I also think it’s becoming less socially acceptable for men to have all the power in a romantic dynamic. That’s exactly what these situations are; a power imbalance. And I don’t mean anything against you personally. I’m 27 and I have dated men 4-5 years younger than me and ASIDE from the glaring mismatch in maturity levels, it was much easier for me to establish boundaries with younger people. These relationships never lasted long for me, but I did notice these men were much more open to fitting into a dynamic I authored rather than co-authoring that dynamic with me. It was annoying from my POV but I think many men feel most comfortable when their partner just goes along with what they want. Agreeable women are attractive women. He will notice the mismatched maturity and he will either end it or he will use it.

    No hate to you as you figure out what’s right, I just hope you don’t get critically injured in the process.

  6. According to the statistics relating to domestic violence and domestic violence deaths, choking and strangulation victims are 750% more likely to be killed by the offender. Not necessarily by those means. Just in general.

    I don’t know anything about your relationship but if he’s done it once and now is gaslighting you telling you it’s not him, it’ll likely happen again if you’re ever in that situation again and you could die from it.

    Please set your life and well-being as a priority and get out of that relationship now before you’re “accidentally” killed cause he can’t control himself while drunk.

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