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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Interesting! Why do you hate touching?

    To say the least, my father's actions and the fact I am autistic.

    Men definitely do not share their emotions as much as women because of societal views, upbringing, and other factors, that I went through myself.

    However, I'm not a doctor, and your best bet to find out what is happening is an appointment with a mental health professional.

  2. Probably because she felt guilty for not trusting you, and she knew it's a “her” issue and wanted to put a stop to the negative thoughts without making you doubt her trust in you. ESPECIALLY since you both knew you were about to pop the question.

    Also explains the blaming it on you, she doesn't want you to know how insecure she is.

  3. If my husband ever pulled this kind of shit on me, we would never recover. I know you probably don't like reading all these negative responses, but this is what the situation appears like to everyone on the outside. The other replies had a ton of solid advice. You aren't wanting to see it for what it really is because deep down you probably love her and want this to work. I'm sorry.

  4. If only we knew this bit of information prior. You made a whole post about how you are conflicted about her cheating, YET you did this as well. She did it in retaliation to you. You both deserve each other.

  5. Don’t horn in on Mitch’s plan. Let Nora have her moment. Get engaged when you’re both financially in a position to support each other. You’re young no need to rush!

  6. I don't think you're overreacting.

    You sacrificed a lot (your job, assuming you moved to him also) for the sake of being in this reletionship. When you make those leap of faiths, you have the expectation of your partner to be someone dependable.

    I don't think anyone is innocent of not fucking up in their reletionship is some fashion, the thing is, repeat offenders are never good. You don't want to be with someone who makes the same mistakes only to kick into high gear after the fact.

    If your partner is to fuck up, you want them to be someone who fixes it by never doing it again.

    You've been let down on multiple occasions. “Let's book a new vacation and let me do it right”.. that means nothing to you. You don't want someone who has to constantly make it up to you.

    5 months is plenty of time to get your passport if you stayed on top of it. I got mine in 3 weeks after submission.

    This type of stuff:

    for example lying that “your Valentine's gift hasn't arrived yet”

    That's insulting. It demonstrates the level of thought he puts into the reletionship, which is none. He is just existing with you and not participating.

    If you took everything you know right now and asked yourself: If this is how my reletionship is permanently, would this be my ideal reletionship? Is it something, that I am head over heels to be in. No complaints. What would your thought be?

    Not only should you be in love with your partner, but you should be in love with your reletionship…

  7. A kiss is even more intimate than a fuck and I wouldn't be able to come back from that no matter what. I am very much like you. Even if she is telling the truth and is so so sorry and would do anything, I wouldn't care, a kiss is a kiss and if my husband “just kissed” another woman I would be devastated and absolutely end it. I'm so sorry, but like you said, you will be allright. So much love and healing to you.

  8. Sounds like you were in it for the long run but not him. You were with him for 3 years and basically hr made no effort for 1 of those years. So he was good to you for 2 years only?

    You need to leave, learn to love yourself and if you want, find a more worthy partner. This dude sounds psycho, not because he changed his appearance, but because he is acting like a manipulative ass. You are in a cycle of abuse right now. Google what that means and educate yourself.

  9. It’s ok to care for someone or wish them the best and not necessarily be in a romantic relationship. If he’s not the one, then that’s the bottom line. You don’t even need a good reason. Go be happy. If your parents are the least bit supportive, let them know and maybe one of them will accompany you when you get your stuff or break the news. You don’t owe anyone your life except yourself. Go online it. 🙂

  10. Dude… You're almost 30, that's embarrassing. Come on, are you serious? Your ex is delusional and you're incapable to set boundaries.

    Just tell her to leave you alone and that you're not in any way responsible for the bill. End of story.

  11. I’d have to assume he’s the one that’s stupid if he can’t understand that you’re from the UK, and the concept of an accent.

  12. Unfortunately, I had already confronted him about some of what you advised against in your last paragraph. I had also asked him to get a return, but he said no because he is splitting the room with his friends (they are each paying several hundred for the few nights) and says that he will work enough to compensate for it. He will start paying full rent next month, but I'm just upset that he made this purchase instead of paying off several other things. Especially considering that he has the option to stay at his family's or friend's house.

  13. Just because you're “conservative” doesn't mean he is. His friends shared a video of a hard chick. He's not hiding anything. I don't see the problem.

  14. working out the logistics of separating finances. I feel like we’re done as a couple if that really happens

    I don't think thats a rational conclusion you are coming to. You had conflict about the previous arrangements. So work out a new arrangement. Doesn't mean your relationship is over.

  15. You should just tell him the same way you’ve said here. If he can’t accept that then you’ve got a bigger problem.

  16. This singular insight may be the most damning thing you've said about your partner. Do you get how emotionally immature a person has to be, not only to think like this, but to actually voice these adolescent thoughts directly to their partner?

    It shows everything from a lack of self awareness, to a lack of empathy, to a lack of social skills, to a lack of emotional maturity.

    I mean, he's 22, he's not beyond growth. But if you are more mature than him, consider what you will and won't put up with in a partner. Because (and I could be wrong) I foresee a lot more “insensitivity” from him towards you, in your near future.

  17. Your husband is a bad dog owner, but never use “bark collars”. Positive reinforcement only. I feel sorry for the dogs that neither human they interact with gives a shit about teaching them how companion manners in a healthy way.

  18. Well, about that, what I’d do is keep him away from your friend group, if he’s doing what he’s supposed to, he’s continuing with therapy, he’s changing the behavior, I’d sit your friends down and explain that to them. Ask your friends to put aside the previous behavior, as he is making progress. If they’re truly your friends, they will do that, for YOU!

    He very well be under their “microscopes” though. But that will be something he will have to deal with as it was his behavior that set that ball into motion. That may be something you want to speak to him about prior to bringing him around your friends again, that way, he has time to speak to his therapist to help get the tools to navigate an awkward situation.

    If he does change his behavior, and he does what he’s supposed to, it’ll take a little while, but it should ease up and everyone should lighten up about it and it will all fade into the background.

    Just make sure you don’t get stuck in a loop of him saying he will change the behavior and him saying he will see a therapist, and not following through with it!

    I hope for your sake it all works out for you both!

  19. fwiw, it's actually really helpful to be able to discuss relationship problems with someone who is of the same gender as the person you are having the problems with. They may very well have insight into the socialization of that gender that you are unaware of.

  20. he is NOT an innocent person. he’s escalating the sexual harassment bc THAT IS WHAT IT IS.

    do not protect him bc you think he’s “nice.” he’s not being nice. “nice” is not placing your hands on someone’s body and sending kissy face emojis. “nice” is not giving a high five to a guy but you “get” a hug.

    this is NOT professional behavior. you need to talk to HR about all of this bc I guarantee that they have sexual harassment policies and your boss is violating company policy and banking on you being naive so that he can get away with it.

    he’s a predator. he WILL escalate.


  21. I guess that you can simply “do better”, and she is probably aware of that.

    I guess you either accept that beung selfish is a fine part of life (even if it brings misery to entitled people around you), or stay unfulfilled with her.

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