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Date: September 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “Hannyso7 online sex chats for YOU!

  1. ask her dead serious, do you want to have sex with me

    cant think any other reason why a friend would show full nude pictures of him/herself..

  2. Why are you so mad? He's in but not using the right words?

    Take a step back. Take a breath. And ask yourself what's more important? Acts. Day to day proof. Or words?

    Why is it so important to hear those exact words?

    And if it's really a deal breaker? if he doesn't say those three words… are you going to break up with him? If so? Why aren't you talking to him about it? Tell him how important it is to you?

    And, if I read this correctly… you're mad that he won't “man up and say it” but… you haven't said it either because of a past relationship? You're more concerned about playing a game of “chicken” than communicating in *THIS* relationship, telling him you love him and asking him to say the same?

    I mean… shit… just say it to him already. “I love you. Please say you love me as I'm desperate to hear you say it”.

  3. No. Normally I would absolutely tell his wife, but don't F with a cop. They will destroy your life. You could try anonymously, but I wouldn't risk it. Just end it and move on.

  4. Yeah no wtf did i just read.. this is a grown adult unemployed man no?

    Who basically wants a handmaid/bangmaid/substitute mother/caregiver and cook?

    Why would any woman put up with this bs.. shitttt i would've been gone.

  5. Hey thanks for ur answer and I tried therapy, medecine, going out all the time, hobbies, meditation buuuut in reality nothing can really heal trauma from abusive homes, it just never really leaves. I can just cope, which I did, and it barely bothered me thru my life. But theres still some triggers that remind me of that, which is normal. I should just overcome that too.

    And honestly he's been great to me. Rn i just want my relationship back bc it feels like my efforts of fighting agaisnt the past were useless, at the end, i still lost something i valued n it sucks

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