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  1. Then don't go. Tell him that you not increasing your debt for any reason. If he wants you there badly, he should pony up. The fact that he isn't footing the bill when he knows your circumstances is a fucking joke. And then you having to pay to host his family? What absolute shit. Also this dude is grown and li es with his parents…he ain't the one.

  2. Can't you find an identical mug and replace it? You really need to cut off this “friend” she's a sore spot in your relationship and entertaining her would only lead to problems.

  3. We split everything so my rent is $1300.

    Her parents are involved because they will be paying her portion of rent for the new place. Due to her disability, she is already struggling with just school so she cannot work. Her dad pushed her into going to school, which in the first place was not a healthy option for her. I’m trying as naked as I can to get a good paying job so I can hopefully fully support the both of us in the event that she might not be able to work a lot or at all after school.

    I’m hoping my girlfriend will be able to talk to them about the whole situation. It was honestly very stressful that they did not uphold their end of things & financially put me in a bad place. I’m scared of something similar happening with the new place & don’t want anymore resentment to grow.

  4. You are an idiot. She asked him and he answered honestly. Are you saying lying in a relationship is a good thing?

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