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Date: September 21, 2022

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  1. The top comment is funny and I might do it too, but I would maybe dig into who her last roommate was and why they left. Like regardless of the unique situation you have to do your due diligence since you don't know this person. Get some more details. Because it's easy to read this as her being very considerate to straight up admit this and feel compelled to inform you. But on the other side she could be a little strange and it could make living there uncomfortable at a certain point.

  2. This is it. 90% Indian still do arrange married. It’s unification of 2 families. Not union of 2 adults. Google what percentage of Indian marriages are arranged.

  3. There are many ways to betray a person without cheating on them. This is a complete betrayal of trust. It’s not like she’s his girlfriend, this is his wife of 5 years. You talk through decisions like this together, period. For her to find out the way she did is devastating. I’d be leaving without a doubt.

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  5. I feel like I'm losing my mind here. There are so many comments about the husband sleeping with other people but I've re-read the post three times now and cannot find that written anywhere. Did OP edit the post or something?

  6. Seems to me he just wants someone to help cover the rent. You don’t move in with a plan to move out in 4 mos when “moving in together”.

    You’re not ready so just say no.

  7. I guess the pressure of just being there for someone and just a relationship in general. Kinda like owning a child I guess, okay I have to spend time with this person and be emotionally available for this person and all that. Not calling her a child though. And I guess I’m looking to just sort of find myself, I am not sure if I am depressed a little bit but maybe just figure out the man I wanna be. It’s so naked to explain.

  8. Or maybe, just maybe, the suffering was worth it to bring new life and cool little humans into the world.

    Papa seems to not be made of strong stuff there. Kind of wimpy, really. Hopefully he's not a wuss-out when it comes to parenting.

    Life isn't always easy, but sometimes the payoff is pretty great. If it wasn't, people would stop having kids.

  9. You have two main options. 1) You hire a lawyer and legally evict her. 2) If you’re in an apartment, break lease and leave. Go find your own place and force her out of your life.

  10. If your relationship is less important than a 'friend', I'd say your SO dodged a big bullet if you dropped him. At least my girl immediately removed him lol

  11. To be fair, she is herself a woman and is therefore going to be a victim of wage discrimination and glass ceilings her whole life. Systemic oppression is not exclusive to particular minority groups

  12. No, you are co-dependent and go after people not suited to be in your life due to past trauma.

    If you had A HORRIBLE CHILDHOOD, with HORRIBLE PARENTS, where you weren't taught boundaries….chances are you go after people that treated you like your abusers.

    You need therapy, LOTS OF THERAPY to help you break that cycle.

    Nothing wrong with therapy.


    You are desperate and lonely and got yourself with the first loser that spoke to you.

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