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Date: September 28, 2022

7 thoughts on “Helena-Baker online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Those are absolutely two different stages of life.

    Anyone that's reached 25 knows they're entirely different than when they were 19 (or else they're significantly behind on development).

    19 year olds do not have world experience that a 25 year old does, and can't handle situations as well. Saying “it's not technically illegal” doesn't make it ok.

    It's extremely easy for abuse to happen.

  2. So am I? Does he just want her to be a stay at home parent until the youngest goes to primary school, then go into a profession that is relevant to her studies? Or start working part time while the children have half days at daycare. This is missing a few key details.

  3. What do you do? Do whatever is best for you and your body. I can't believe this post exists as this shouldn't be a question!

  4. The fact that neither of them are making any effort whatsoever on this front would concern me.

    It could be possible that she doesn't like me? But she has always complimented me to my bf.

    She didn't even accept my IG friend request which makes no sense considering she's calling my bf in the night and crying to him about her problems.

    I also don't get why my bf keeps us both so separate but he's leaving friendly comments on her pictures at the same time.

  5. we definately have some other issues, especially with the possibility of me moving for college…I just think i may be overthinking this because we had a really big fight the other day. thank you for your response:)

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