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Date: September 29, 2022

12 thoughts on “Hilary Tyler live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. If he can not be consistent in his plans with you, and also is dishonest, you need to break up. He doesn't sound like he really cares about what you think and want.

  2. You should have known he doesn’t respect girls or women when he groomed you when you were underage. Even regardless of that, this conversation should have been had before you ever even had kids and you have failed your children horrendously by doing this assbackwards and having kids with a gross ass man. Unironically, divorce him, and get therapy anyways

  3. Tell him you like him as a friend ONLY. You are not interested in a romantic relationship. In addition, you feel it is best to take some time off by yourself. Tell him you wish him well and leave him.

    I would also BLOCK him on all avenues, Op. I strongly suspect he will try to talk you into just being friends, give him another chance, or we can still see each other a couple times a week….no. This guy latched onto you like a drowning man for a life ring!

  4. This is such a high school/college type of situation.

    It's messy.

    This girl who he hooked up with, is now in a relationship with his best friend. And his best friend is going away so this a party to celebrate one last time. That's the story, right?

    If you're going to get yourself involved into these sticky situations, you need to accept everything in full… this is one of them.

    Your BF is with you. This girl is with his best friend. Are you saying that your BF can never be in the same room in as his best friends girl?

    Think about it.

    If he fucked his best friends girl… what does that do?

    Ruins his releationship with you Ruins his friendship with his friend

    If you're going to play high school, deal with all the other shit.

  5. Except they were committed and he still didn’t get it done, so info is missing. He’s not being completely honest.

  6. I need you to disregard all this because my feelings must come first, an if you feel a different way youre trash of a man.

    There you go. He's free to feel the way he feels but he doesn't have to be an asshole about it.

  7. Boozed up, far away and with a woman who said she's in love with him? He sure knows what's up. That guy won't stay faithful.

  8. He knows. The bad stuff is the truth, the absence of the bad stuff is for you. I’ve got one of my own. It’s like they’re all the same gross boring broken record and trauma responses instead of a personality.

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