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  1. Just spitballing here, but do you think that gf thought she was being taken somewhere for a proposal? She’s 30 they’ve been going out for three years and she wonders where the relationship is going.

    I support this theory. That was where my head was at in my original comment.

    Something else in their reletionship feels out of place, having the reletionship feel like its not moving anywhere could be contributing it. Likely other details mixed in, such as weak communication and ignoring things instead of correcting.

    She sounds more like she didn't know what to make of the situation, confused. And he's not helping the case by trying to shift the spotlight on his side. Likely that behavior is reoccurring in their reletionship. The brushing off on her side.

    I don't think there is any evidence for this one:

    was she going to lunch with her work crush and couldn’t let him know that she was sidetracked.

  2. Better late than never,. You get to be the last guy in town to bang her. When you two are walking to the store, the guys walking around there have all banged her. Who knows, maybe you're just another name on the wall for her.

  3. Look the hygiene thing won't change. I learned that the naked way with my ex. He NEVER washed his hands ever, and showered less than once a week even if I begged him. I would tell him soap turns me on, try to get him into the shower for sexy stuff. It got worse and worse and caused many fights and ultimately resentment on both sides. Accept his level of personal hygiene or don't and leave. This is something even therapy often cannot change.

    The chores thing you have more hope of changing, when I linked my partner to an article I loved on the “mental load” he really took that onboard and he's probably better than me at chores now, I often come out to do them and they're done.

    Honestly I'd leave on the hygiene alone. My fiancé is so clean he's possibly cleaner than I am…and if he brought up a hygiene issue with me I'd move mountains to change for him and his comfort….but guys tend to not think this way in my experience. They're either hygiene conscious or not.

    I wouldn't ultimatum I would just break it off. These are things he has to grow up about in his own time. If you don't want to break it up try counselling, if it works woohoo, if it doesn't well you can feel better knowing you tried. It's much better than an ultimatum.

  4. My friend was shocked when we made Kraft dinner and highschool and I didn’t follow the directions on the box to a tee.

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