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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Seriously, this. Why wouldn't this already be set in motion? This is what showing up for your son is all about. I wonder if OP is avoiding this option for financial reasons. Sounds like the ex was a SAHM and primary care giver.

  2. Don't have children if you aren't certain you want them. They are a lifelong commitment. I have one child who is an adult now, and I can say raising a child is the hardest thing I ever did. Thankfully my child had no health issues when she was born, I don't know how I would have managed if she had been severely disabled.

    Once you have a child, your life is not your own. Even taking a nap becomes a luxury. I have never loved anyone as much as my child, but raising a child is naked. The sacrifices you make for your children are immense. The love you have for your child make it all worth it, but I can't imagine having a child without the desire to be a parent.

  3. Oh for sure. He was just horny but I'm not sure how upset I should be because I do understand it can be alot not seeing someone for months but like he didn't even tell me.

  4. Ok… but why is your wife in lingerie in your bathroom taking photos you've never seen before? Sometimes people take photos of themselves to feel prettier, but in a relationship, they also send them to their husband/SO.

    You need to go through your wife's phone, specifically her trash on her phone. The trash stays around for quite some time. And if you can, I would see if your wife's text records are on y'all's carrier.

  5. Thats what I'll have to do. Because I'm not a therapist I can only love him how he is with giving him tools so he's comfortable with it.

  6. This is a super fake post hitting on touchy subjects: a total Jody with a pro life agenda.


  7. Jesus Christ you’re 19, about to be a mother of 4 kids with 2 (that we know of according to your comments) different guys. Do you not believe in birth control or using a condom?

    As for your issue with your partner, get evidence if you can, but you also might look at cutting this person out either way. You’re gonna have 4 kids under 3, you won’t have time for drama.

  8. I too went through something like this. Gf of 3 years cheated on me with a guy she had randomly met at the mall and she broke up with me out of nowhere (did not tell me of the cheating) and when I chose to go no contact she’d come crawling back begging for me to talk to her. I fell for it and kept doing so for a month until I realized the unspecified reason she ended it was because she had cheated and wasn’t sure if she wanted this new exciting thing or the dependable relationship we had built for those years. Had I not picked my sorry ass off the floor and stopped waiting for her to pick me or her affair partner I’d STILL be waiting for her to decide who she liked better.

    I lost all of my self respect during that time. Do not be like me. Move on and work on yourself. If someone is picking between you and a new person let them have the shiny new relationship because if they really wanted you they would’ve never considered another option.

  9. She’s trying to pwn you. You can’t let her know this bothers you. You need to double down. Respond telling her how hot the video was, and that it made you so horny that you had to fuck your bf then and there, and that he made you cum harder than you ever thought possible. She’ll literally be like, “Curses! You got me!”

  10. Thanks, I’ve wondered if he’d ever “step-up”. From what he’s said on some occasions I don’t think he takes or considers this relationship as serious as it is LDR. We met at University and spent some time together in the same town.

  11. I travel for work and if my partner got this upset that I don't invite them to come with me it would absolutely be a dealbreaker. Thankfully my partner isn't like that, lol. It's my career, not a vacation. He can be excited about staying in a hotel without it being mean that you don't get to go too.

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