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  1. “Mom, I love you but I can't be your whole life. I can't take you everywhere and answer every call. You need to become more independent. Do your own shopping, make your own dinner, make friends, find a hobby. Get a life. Your own life, not my life. I'm going to start establishing some healthy boundaries on our relationship and I expect you to respect them. The first one is Husband and I are going on a honeymoon. You are not going and I won't be answering my phone while we are away. The second boundary is you will wait for an invitation to join us for shopping or dinner. The third is, you will not start blowing up my phone if I don't answer right away. Leave a message and wait for a return call. This has to happen mom.”

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  3. The thing is I’m a weirdo and for years the only porn I’be watched is stuff that we’ve made together. I get what you mean, though.

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  5. Your bf is a fucking creep and a loser. Get away from him. Don't have a baby with him. At your stage in life you are 0% ready for a kid, and to have one now bc your loser of a boyfriend wants one, Would be astronomically selfish.

  6. Hi there, thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if you read the whole post. I'm haven't brought this up to my husband since we talked through it. I'm looking for support on how to manage the intrusive thoughts, and the feelings that I keep having since they're out of my control but I don't want to let them overtake me. I'm looking for how to deal with my own reaction to it, nothing about including my husband in it.

  7. I posted two Instagram stories since then, and it showed that she viewed them. So that downer seem to fit either.

    Unless her ghost did it??

  8. What do you think I should do? Just ignore her and work on myself? I can't stop thinking about this because it hasn't been resolved.

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