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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. He is prob a good person. However, you will never see that so long as he is drinking. Experience with this on both sides

  2. So let me get this straight, your boyfriend went behind your back, had sexual relationships with another woman, hid it from you, until he knew he was going to get called out, and then decide to inform you and “confess”, even though you would’ve known through those videos, so it’s not so much a confession…

    Then he proceeds to tell you that he thinks everything he did was OK, and he did not do anything wrong.

    I almost feel like you know exactly what you need to do, but you’ve given this guy so much of your time and your life that you don’t want it to make that choice. if you stayed with him, you know exactly what you’re going to online with for the rest of your life. If he was remorseful and apologetic, and did not think he was in the right, I would be an optimist to say that maybe there was some type of chance. Just for the fact that he thinks he did nothing wrong, it’s time for him to move on and feel wanted by other women all he wants because the attention you gave him apparently was not enough.

  3. So you took back a cheater and he cheater again? Shocking and you're still with him why? Just cut off the communication channel, heal and move on

  4. That's the problem. My feelings for my boyfriend haven't changed at all. I just developed a new crush on top of that. But thanks for the advice.

  5. Go to your graduation. If I lived nearby, I would go to yours just to cheer you up, OP.

    Do you have friends that can go to your graduation?

  6. I’m so sorry. You are grieving a huge loss made even more difficult by not having a more conclusive closure. You really, truly deserve that. In her absence, I hope some peace and joy have more room in your life. Happy Birthday, early. ❤️

  7. Thank you. Those are all worth investigating. I really don’t want to have the talk until I see something more definitive

  8. Wow, to be completely honest in this situation I would write out and e-mail, get all your feelings out and ghost him. What he and his friends did was absolutely horrible, immature, and insensitive. I have a feeling the female friend thinks more of your boyfriend than just a friend. Ghost all of them honestly and move on with your life. So sorry this happened to you.

  9. These are the steps:

    – Remind yourself that this isn't your family and this is none of your business.

    – Tell your girlfriend that if she's too wimpy to handle this on her own you don't want to be told about it.

    – Take the rage down a notch and learn that you're supposed to be her partner and equal, not her bodyguard, not her hitman, not her conscience.

  10. Yeah spending time together is such a big thing to keep it alive. Like cuddling up on the couch to watch a show together. I think another big one is dating. Too many people go on dates only in the first year or 2 and then let it fall off. Going out on dates together, spending quality time with each other and the other part about intimacy would be to just initiate more. Put in more passion and you'll build your relationships passion up.

  11. You are communicating just fine. The problem is your husband's brain cells are not communicating with each other. Or with anything else for that matter.

    Yes it is his responsible for checking the family, repeat FAMILY calendar. And as for the children, how did you get them? Was he involved in that or did the kids arrive at your home on Santa's f*cking sleigh? If not the later, than he needs to step up.

    I'm a guy and when I read posts like this, I always feel the need to apologise for my gender. Sorry, really sorry about him, but there really are other types of guys in the world. I'm 100% sure he is doing so much more of this behaviour than you are telling us about. You guys need couples counselling. It's the only way.

    Please tell him from me he is a moron. And here is the definition of moron, definition 3 is appropriate:




    A person who is considered foolish or stupid.

    A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

    A variety of salamander.

    The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

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