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  1. This happened to my brother – My dad's name is let's say Juan, and his first son with my mother is Juan (my brother), and his first son with his second wife (about 15 years after my brother was born) is also Juan. They all have different middle names so no Jr is attached. My brother has no relationship with my father at all now, over a decade has gone by. My brother refuses to forgive my father. I don't have much of a relationship with my half siblings even though I love them, though me and dad are cool even though if he calls my brother by his middle name I give him hell for it. Also my dad's family was pissed, a lot of people have really given my dad a terrible time for allowing this to happen.

    I would let him know before this child is named how fucked up this is and how much it will hurt you and your future relationship, plus the family as a whole and if he won't change the planned name of this blameless baby then frankly you will need to find forgiveness in your heart or end contact with this man. Good luck.

  2. I'd say so. You tried talking to him about it. He hasn't given you any good reason.

    You should not have to initiate everything. He needs to put effort in to show interest too.

  3. As another person said you should not be discussing ending reproduction with permanent procedures at all before you are sure you're getting back together or not.

    While I understand that your wife sees it as a way of showing commitment it is not fair to either of you to make such permanent decisions while still being unsure of the future.

    Use the normal means of birth control and leave this discussion on the shelf until you worked out the other stuff in the relationship.

  4. Given how you have doubts, simply be more careful.

    Use two forma of protection if you have sex… and make sure you date someone who doesn't want kids now, someone who is on the same page about abortion.

  5. Shes medicated and her swings are very rare. She was abused as a child and i really doubt her situation is Genetic. Most people I meet these days are dealing with one things or another and I don't think it excludes them from being fit parents.

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