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  1. Someone literally confirmed they're a reoccurring spam account so I'm sure they'll be back for to you expound to.

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  3. He’s 34 but acts like he’s 12, trust me when I say this but you can find someone else and do so much better.

  4. Oh dude.


    You forgot her birthday, tried to “fix” it by offering to buy something on Amazon and then told her she was OVERREACTING??

    Holy shit, my friend – the only way you're getting rich is to write a book called “How to be the best boyfriend…. by doing the exact opposite of what I do”.

    She wanted to feel special. She wanted to feel remembered. She wanted to feel acknowledged. She wanted to feel important.

    If she was anything of those things to you, you would have taken steps to remember. It wasn't about gifts, it was about recognition.

    And you still so don't get it. Overreacting?? Holy shit, are you trying to be the stereotypical worst BF ever??

  5. Tell her be honest never hide anything from your partner, and likely don’t continue anything with this girl that liked you

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