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  1. I can think of many reasons this is a bad idea. It’s wild how people can think completely opposite things/values/boundaries. I actually don’t know anyone that would be okay with this, personally.

  2. I think that during a marriage there can be fights, there can be times you yell at each other or don't talk to each other. There can even be times one of you sleeps on the Couch. But for one person to end it and leave? That's a very, very serious step. That's nothing you can just take back. And nothing the other person just forgets about. So take your time and really think about this.

  3. You're absolutely wasting her time. It's a lot harder for people to meet someone and get married the older they get. If they want kids, it's even harder to do that.

    The math looks like this: If OP's girlfriend wants to have kids in her early 30s, they need to break up now so she has 2-3 years to find someone new, 2-3 years to date them and get engaged, then another 1-2 years to plan a wedding, and 1-2 years to be married before getting pregnant and having kids. Even if you crunch that timespan that's 6 years. That means if OP breaks up with her NOW, the soonest she might REALISTICALLY have kids unless she gets incredibly lucky and moves quickly is 31/32.

  4. Are you….sure? that she didn't sabotage your move, thinking that she would benefit by you not being able to leave the state?

    Don't you think it's odd? A grease fire isn't all that easy. You have to heat a lot of oil up, at least a few spoonfuls, get it really nude, and then spill it. What was she making? And was anything else burned besides the top of the stove? How did she say she contained the fire?

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