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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Yea the next time the wife says she wants to go to dinner OP can say eat this first. But wait that won’t go over so well with the redditors bc OP is a man. Smh. OP has a right to his feelings those tears are a manipulation tactic to turn herself into the victim. When in fact she’s wrong.

  2. I don't think either of these people is ready for marriage. They have different goals, different spending styles and they don't communicate well at all. Her hiding that amount of debt from him and expecting him to pay it off is not good.

  3. It’s normal to not deeply love someone but if you’re not in your gushy lovey dovey honeymoon phase during month 3 then… idk man but probably isn’t the relationship for you then

  4. An engaged couple does not own the time between their engagement and their wedding. Go ahead and propose. The two of you can either keep it quiet or not. If you want a courthouse wedding, then go ahead and elope. Tell them all after the fact. What type of wedding you have and when you have it is up to you and your boyfriend. No one else. If they don't like it then it sucks to be them.

  5. You might want to read my comment again, slowly.

    The inappropriate conduct (shipping colleagues, gossip, sexual talk) was clearly NOT your fault.

    Whatever infidelity in their marriage or problems they have with trust is clearly NOT your fault.

    You’re colleagues engaged in immature behaviour and got you labeled and fired. But it wasn’t YOUR fault.

    What you worked in is considered a hostile work environment. Something bad would have happened eventually.

    As you didn’t cause this, my only advice to you is to avoid immature work spaces if you can. Try to find a job where they have a code of conduct and HR. A place where the gossip get fired and you keep your job!

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