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Date: September 28, 2022

13 thoughts on “Hottt Babeee on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. I've decided I'll do it in our room once we get ready for bed and she can tell them next morning. I'm doing it for her and don't really care what her family thinks. just thought it may be more romantic for her to be the center of attention but it seems like many believe that will make it less of our moment.

  2. It sounds like you really want to do this.

    Personally I think it sounds kinda mean but I’m not you or your partner.

  3. Thank you for your advice. I suppose it was inevitable that we would break up eventually, I just feel a bit foolish for believing it could’ve been different.

  4. I would just apologize if he seems to expect one, but a guy who would toss an elderly animal because he's frustrated is not a good guy. Don't lose sight of that.

  5. She can't promise you exclusivity? It's over.

    Don't let her waste your time like that.

    If you want some closure, then text her that. “Hey, I realized I didn't want to wait for someone who couldn't even promise exclusivity or a timeline. As far as I see it you broke up with me by saying those things and were just to afraid to say so for whatever reason. Good luck to you.”

    Then block and move on.

    IMO, it's not open unless you like being stringed along.

    Sounds entirely like she broke up with you already. Btw .

  6. Why isn’t tubal ligation an option? I know it’s more invasive than a vasectomy but you’re the one who feels more strongly about it. (I have used the copper IUD and I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone.) It makes me uncomfortable for you that a man who says he never wants children won’t take a relatively easy step to prevent it. The hesitation over whatifs seem to contradict what he’s said. It sounds to me like he’s hedging his bets. If making sex less appealing is your goal, then go ahead with the plan for using condoms but I think you should keep pushing for the vasectomy. It’s not just about bodily autonomy, it’s about standing behind his word and not potentially putting you in a worse position. What’s he going to think about an accidental pregnancy?

  7. That is as disgusting as can be. Your sbtx is an awful, grotesque person and should be shamed by every person he knows for predation.

  8. She definitely wants to either have swing experiences or open relationship back… you need to decide if you want to risk her cheating on you down the line.. she will tell you what want to hear but she will evidently cheat on you at some point.. find you a loyal faithful girl that just wants you.. because it isn’t her..

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