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  1. It’s okay to be upset, that is valid, but it’s a little crush. It’s not like he will act on it? My husband has a little crush on Scarlet Johansson and I have a little crush on Johnny Depp, but it literally means nothing. It’s not wrong to see another human and think “wow he / she is handsome / beautiful!” It is wrong to persecute someone for something that is literally only human.

    Now, if he said “yeah I’ve got a crush on her and thought about pulling up to her place to have sex with her” that would be different because it could lead to infidelity. But he didn’t and it seems would never act on it considering his guilt and his crying.

    You’re both very young. My husband and I aren’t much older. (F 24) (M25) We have a son who is about to be 1 on the 8th and have been together since being 18 and 19. We did a lot of growing up together and you can and will too if you stick it out and realize when you’re not taking something as seriously as you should or are taking it too seriously. Communication and honesty are 100% key.

  2. I’ve done fwb relationships in the past and ultimately I didn’t like them. Someone usually catches feelings and when the other person doesn’t things don’t end well. I stopped doing fwb because in one instance she was really hurt when she caught feelings and I didn’t. Felt really bad after that.

  3. Info: how unstable? Like does she get violent and destructive or just want to be around people so she's not alone and feeling isolated and desperate? Because I feel like if it's the former your husband has very valid reasons to be upset. But on the other side, emergencies happen and loving someone who loves a troubled person sometimes entails welcoming that person into your home. Since she is coming over this time, would it be feasible once she is stable and calm to sit down with her and make a plan for future emergencies and how to handle them without her suddenly dropping in on you? Perhaps a way for you to stay with her or other people you can reach out to to stay with her until she's feeling secure?

    I think your husband is not great for issuing ultimatums, but he also could have valid concerns that's he is struggling to communicate. So once sister is sorted out I'd sit down with him and explain that you are doing your best to make two people you love happy, and want to make him feel prioritized but that adding stress in the moment doesn't help, so going forward is he okay with (whatever alternatives you work out with sister)? And have a plan with him for when this happens again.

  4. You did. I'm impressed and proud of you. And a little jealous that you handled yourself so well at the sight of an unwanted ring. I didn't even answer, I just ran.

    Enjoy your 20s, please. Don't give them up to someone who has already had that chance.

    You did great.

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  6. Something is fishy, and I don't think it's your girlfriend. Someone is trying to break you up. You might consider talking with your girlfriend about doing a fake breakup for a few days to see who comes out of the woodwork.

  7. Leave that little boy to on-line with his momma.Hes delusional and you're not. Get your own place and find a real partner who is loving and supportive, both emotionally and financially.Your boyfriend will never get there, tell him to move out n move on.

  8. I wouldn't move to a new more expensive place with her until you sit down and discuss how you know relationships to be and hearing her out on how she thinks relationships are meant to be… I would start out with, “I feel like we are experiencing some cultural differences in our relationship and I want us to talk about the role of money in relationships so we can come to a compromise between both of our expectations. For Australia, being in a relationship means that couples pay shared bills together, that are divided based on income. Individual expenses are handled individually. Dates are paid by whomever is planning, with situational exceptions. Trips are a mix of that as well.

    In the Ukraine how do couples handle thier finances, can you please lay it out for me?”

    Her explosiveness however, makes me feel like you are being used, and she is avoiding losing that… But it could just be her assuming you should know, what she inherently knows about how couples divide money.”

  9. Get out, how you are feeling now is exactly how abused women talk.

    If he laid hands on you then he'll do it again, just because he loves you doesn't mean shit if he'll physically force you across a flat and throw you out.

    I'm a paramedic and I've been to women with nasty physical injuries as a result of domestic assault and when you get them talking about it they sound like you. Every part of it, he's childish and looking for a mum, I do everything, he's negative, unsupportive and puts me down. Even that he's crap in bed…then you hear the classic “but I love him”; “i shouldn't have provoked him” and “i know he loves me” then 6 months later you're back and she's at the foot of the stairs with broken ribs and a skull fracture and he's shouting “she shouldn't have got me mad”.

    I don't mean to be sensational here but you're giving me deja vu.

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