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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. He recently expressed to me when I asked if we would get married that he is not interested in doing so, even though he has said in the past that he was.

    Bait and switch, trickle truthing. Manipulative tactics to get what HE wants out if you now, with out thought of what YOU want in the future. He most likely didn’t tell you the truth in the beginning cuz he feared things wouldn’t progress. And even if he didn’t do it on purpose he then owes you a huge, I mean HUGE appology for changing his mind when that’s really a critical thing to be honest and consistent about and how much that impacts a partner when people aren’t.

    Personally, I’d take a look at the relationship, how honest is he, is he true to his word, if he says he’ll do something does he do it? Or does he say what you want to hear, but then changes his mind or comes up with excuses later to get out of it. I don’t know him, but this is a pretty big thing to be inconsistent about. And on top of that if you want marriage and he doesn’t, then your not compatible. He wants what feels good to him and doesn’t seem he care about or respects what you want or feels good to you. Because if he did hes have at least felt bad for changing his mind, and at least showed concern for how him changing his mind would negatively impact you. If he didn’t even do that, then he’s a self absorbed ass hat.

  2. I'd report her. She has no right to do this. Everything up to this point was HER CHOICE. The kids, her medication, all of it a conscious choice. You have to let her feel the ramifications of that. She's putting a life in danger and won't act. Report her and Cut. Her. Off. There are mechanisms in place to take care of this. All you HAVE TO morally and ethically do is save the people who she is actively hurting. This is not harmless for anyone involved because she's the one being irresponsible. I'm sorry you were caught in this horrible toxic swamp she's created. Get yourself and others safe. Good luck 😔

  3. She shamed you for hiring a sex worker when she literally spread her legs for a trip? Fuck that. Not only did she mislead you but then shamed you. That is crucial info to include in your post.

  4. i don’t know enough about you or your friends to tell you. Sometimes there’s no reason why, it just happens & is very common in friend groups. They act like they care about you because they’re fake, people are like that. This happens in life all the time. It is what it is. I know its nude & hurts a lot but focus on yourself & surrounding yourself with people who make u feel wanted.

  5. If she doesn't have anything going on and and no reason to be ignoring you, then I would break up with her. I would also call her or text her and break up. She doesn't care.

  6. Because my partner goes behind my back and looks at other women for pleasure?.. and I need therapy.. riiight.

  7. Message me anytime. I may be a lifetime therapist user, but that also means I have decades of advice I could give from said therapist. I'm always open to talk.

  8. Hey outside of her really large breasts that you are in no way focused on, what else do you like about this person? You ever wonder that she meant she wants more than someone just looking for sex…I wonder what you just proved to her by having sex on the first meeting? Just have been that great personality and everything else you dont mention in the post that caused you to bone up.

  9. This is your life now. It wont change unless you change it. You really think that was good advice from the therapist, to just believe her and take the risk? Come on man. Your wife sounds like she is a walking red flag. Has the guys number, has lingerie that was used, sex toys, cant say where she was etc etc etc. She is 10000000% having an affair on you with the sex assaulter, which as you know now wasnt an assaulter at all, nor was your wife a victim. Your 31, lots of time to start over. Let buddy have her. She sounds like a disaster!

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