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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Oooof no

    My ex ended up having more than one on-line girlfriend behind my back. He called me jealous, insecure, a misogynist, and god knows what else because I didn’t want him to fly to Argentina to meet some chick he described as “smoking hot”.

    Please don’t allow this. It’ll get worse.

  2. I would argue it's actually an important part of realizing who you are and what you're going to evolve into. Yes, it will almost certainly end in heartbreak for one or probably both parties, but that's just part of being a person. It sucks, nobody likes it, but it's how you learn how to pick yourself back up again, and the only reliable way to avoid heartbreak is to close yourself off from any chance of love until you decide you're “ready for your forever spouse”, which ironically slows your growth towards actually being able to keep a relationship going for a long time without massively screwing up. Experience is how we learn, and sometimes that experience sucks enormous smelly donkey cock, but we still learn from it all the same.

    Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, and all that.

  3. I should add that I was in that relationship for five years, so I have never had to deal with anything like this in the past

  4. She sounds toxic and definitely you're not compatible. A man could be an extrovert and his girl an introvert, that can definitely work but not the other way around. So my advice is to let her go and tell her you are not for each other, find someone more introverted like you. And aside from all of that you need to try and beat depression cuz it sounds like it's not only that girl's fault, you're to blame too, you need to expand your circeof friends because it will benefit you later and to do that you need to go out more. Also every girl out there would like a man who has status and respect among his peers and to get that you need to be at least little bit extroverted, for your own sake..

  5. Find out who he is and tell his wife anonymously. His poor wife has the right to know what kind of dirty POS she’s married to. He’s just going to string your sister along and when the department finds out it’ll be your sister that sadly gets all the blame, judgement, and worse labeled. Your sister is to naïve so you should do what you can to protect her bc she’s not as smart as she thinks

  6. This is helpful to me, my dad might actually be a disgusting creep. I was unsure because no one else in my family seems to care that he's going, according to them im overreacting.

  7. Sorry mate but she’s already broken up with you. It’s not necessarily a you thing, it’s just not working out for her – doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or did something wrong. Just take it with grace for yourself. Text her something like ‘ok so this isn’t working out, I wish you well best of luck’ and delete her contacts & de-friend & un-follow on sm. If she doesn’t contact after a week, block her on everything so you can go on with your awesome life with a clean slate not moping & mooning around watching her from a distance. Sometimes we don’t always get closure, best just read the writing on the wall & carry on with our lives which don’t have to include everybody. good luck!

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