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Date: September 25, 2022

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  2. That was their daughters best friend before their son slept with her so unless she did something disrespectful there should be no problem

  3. There’s nothing wrong with having sexual preferences. If you asked out a lesbian they would probably tell you they don’t swing that way lol

  4. Realistically? Neither. Dating someone you’re in the military with is a recipe for disaster. That being said, you obviously won’t be committed to your actual girlfriend while you’re in training so you should probably end things with her so she can find someone who deserves her. You’re young so I won’t be too hard on you, but military is brutal. If you date someone you work with and it goes south, you could seriously damage your career. It isn’t worth it.

  5. They are vaccinated, fed, see the vet only when they need a vaccine, etc, but could be better. Only the youngest cat isn’t vaccinated. And yes I understand but the problem is already there. We already have them. The only solution I see is to give them away or live! in some shitty area that allows them. It is fucked up already to ask her to give them away, but it seems like the very hot thing needs to be done? I don’t think we can keep living like this. It is damaging our relationship and financial life. So maybe do the fucked up thing and give them away?

  6. ah.. you guys are demonizing her but this inappropriate behavior of hers is probably like 5% (or max 10%) of our relationship only which is not so significant for a breakup… it just hurts a lot at that time but u are right i might get numb eventually and that's what I'm trying to avoid and that's why she wants to be better as well… we are wonderful together for the remaining 90% of the time, literally inseparable i have never felt so much love from someone and i had a 5 year relationship that ended on good terms prior to this one… she's not a bad person in general it's just these outbreaks that are really the main concern but i feel like that doesn't mean that breaking up head on aimlessly is the right way… i understand everyone trying to help me by advising it and i respect it… I'll give it some time and I'll update you guys, any more advice or objective view is still appreciated and I'm not closing this thread anytime soon… I'd like to see different kinds of opinions… i might have portrayed her to be literally demonic but as i said it's only like 5% of our time together but when it happens it hurts like shit, so yeah… but thank you guys for your opinions on this, I'll gladly welcome more of those

  7. I don't think you understand that abuse is not always physical. Emotional one is as hurtful as physical in most cases. Please don't go around internet talking about how it could've been worse – everyone knows is and it doesn't help. Check out r/NarcissisticAbuse subreddit and read some stories and descriptions. I'm not saying that I'm full on blaming him and thinking of him as a monster, but fact is a fact – this relationship was toxic and not from my side.

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