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  1. Because he will never change and she will never just be able to accept it.

    Also, a 43 YO man who follows IG models is criiiiinge. I was thinking this guy was early 20s or something.

  2. If he's into an adult pro-wrestler wearing a costume – that sounds okay enough. If he starts showing interest in more specific areas. If he's TOO into anime or hentai maybe worry more….?

  3. Agreed on all points except the first one only because Cathy was invited to the original party plans and then chose to take OP to sushi the night before (and most people don’t seem to enjoy having the same meal 2 nights in a row typically) and got sick the very next night for his actual bday dinner.

    If that happened with my best guy friend when I had made all the plans and included her, I would probably have felt the same way. Just came across as weird af to me.

    But every single other thing 10000% agree

  4. Allan and his gf are tasteless and lack empathy. They show hot greed while another family is grieving. If you don’t want to intervene, that’s fine, but at the very least don’t support Allan and don’t expect someone like Allan to be supportive or considerate of you. Keep him and his gf at arms length.

  5. You’re young. Divorce. Find someone who wants to love you unconditionally. It’ll be scary in the short-term but will result in greater happiness and safety in the long-run. Good luck. You deserve better.

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