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Date: September 29, 2022

9 thoughts on “Im-kandy online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Go for a coffee if you don’t want to spend money. That’s fine, too. I would be turned off by you asking this. Not by splitting the bill; I’m always prepared to pay for my own stuff and I’ve done it before, but asking about splitting the bill before the date is a huge turn off for me. I think both parties should be prepared for both possibilities, i.e. paying for their own stuff separately of inviting the other, depending on how the date goes.

  2. I am trying not to taint everyone's perception of Charlie so I guess my lack of divulging stems from that.

    When I first brought him home to have dinner with my mother and father, he was two hours late as he was playing games and there was a lot of traffic on the roads. He arrived late at a family function (baptism for my niece). He makes jokes at my expense around my family. He left the table during my niece's birthday party and sent back his plate of food and it infuriated my mother/brothers. I went to my brother once when Charlie was giving me the silent treatment and was really upset.

  3. My god. Girl, I’ve read your comments. You can’t seriously be this naive, this guy is a walking red flag. No sane person talks about pregnancy a MONTH. And usually when a dude significantly older dates someone our age (I’m 23), there’s something serious wrong with him so no woman his age would touch him

  4. Thanks. Sounds like an error in judgement rather than predation. (Which doesn't make it ok).

    It only became really weird bc so many people made it weird.

  5. He acknowledged that he allows himself be stinky down there. Relationship OVER! Yucky. Why would you be attracted to that? Get a grip woman!!

  6. I don't drink alcohol, neither do I smoke…so i know I'm not gonna go down that road. As for the other stuff, i come from a very conservative family, so they did not know i was dating…and i don't have many, or rather any good friends…that is why it hurts even more…she was all I had.

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