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  1. Firstly: while, yes there are pros and cons to living with someone, having five pages is a red flag and having three of them being cons is practically a May Day parade in the USSR.

    Secondly: this action, for me personally (male, 27) would make me question if my partner actually loved me.

    Thirdly: I think having children with him is a terrible idea because his actions lead towards the possibility he will have very little, if any, involvement with any future children.

    I would seriously examine the status of your relationship.

  2. Also it's a red flag that she doesn't want you to be hanging out with her & her friends. Someone that values you should be proud to show you off to their friend circle.

  3. Avoiding pain doesn't mean it's giving pleasure.

    It's not a complicated idea that if someone enjoys something they do it more often… If they don't…

    Dude you need a serious look at yourself and your partners needs. Everything about this screams “selfish male lover”

  4. Therapy therapy therapyyy, she needs to heal before that, I commend you for not giving up your relationship for this but depression and anxiety do mess up with your brain, until she heals she wont be able to really really try her best for you as she isnt in the best condition herself

  5. Definitely sus. Don’t jump to conclusions but I would be wary. It’s concerning he didn’t at least tell you he was working out with her. Cameras seem a tad over board bc what happens if he finds those and he really isn’t doing anything wrong? That just seems like a bad idea but hey, at least you’d know for sure. I think your best bet is to act normal and just “leave something at home” so you have to go back

  6. You're 18. She's 19. She's easily aggravated and gets mad easily. Dude. You're 18. RUN! Don't put your dick in crazy and get stuck with that for 18 years.

  7. its understandable that your concerned, communication is very important in any relationship.. some people can have a really nude time processing emotions and might even need more than a few hours to think on it. you might just need to give him some space for some hours or even a day and come back to address the issue.

    he might not know exactly the reason why he is sad or he might have a hard time processing it. just be patient, and be gentle. if he struggles bringing it up, you might have to ask questions to help him open up if you can. if he has experienced any kind of trauma or had emotionally abusive parents, that could also be a reason why he struggles.

    if he can afford it, therapy would probably be really good to help him work through these kinds of issues, especially talking and such. i know people always say therapy, but its a very helpful tool.

  8. I understand. I literally had to max out a credit card at one point. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Most therapists, or even online therapy, have some sort of assisted/reduced payment plans for those who need it. Just don't rule it out because of money. Mental health is more valuable than money.

  9. So then you call the police who will do a wellness check and get him the psych help he obviously needs.

    You need to understand that his CHOICES are not your responsibility.

    His DECISION do cut himself are not your responsibility.

    He is an ADULT. This is on HIM.


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