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  1. Might have been more likely that you got a false positive, depending on the test. Unless you had symptoms, then it is pretty clear you had it. If you didn't have symptoms you should have been tested a 2nd time to verify.

    Check my reply to the other comments from this post to see how wild those odds of false positives can get.

  2. I think it’s fine if she is offended by it and expresses that she’d prefer he not watch it and why.

    And then he can decide if he’s ok with that or not, and they can move forward accordingly.

  3. Exactly! Regardless of who is asking who out, they should split the bill. Because even of the guy is asking her out, she does agree and consent to go on the date. It’s not like she had a gun to her head. I do agree that on the first date it’s chivalrous for the guy to pick up the check. But subsequent expenses should be shared equally

  4. At a bare minimum, open a new individual chequing and savings account, and deposit your income into those, and if your lawyer advises it, freeze the joint account. In some jurisdictions, draining it can cause issues later on, so just do what the lawyer advises as long as they understand that the goal is to ensure that she gets next to nothing.

  5. Actually don't know that. It amazes me how people are quick to expect others to have perfect behaviour but are more than willing to overlook their own. All I see is a guy who's stressed cause hey, he's getting married, maybe. And a guy who is upset that his person who's supposed to support him, isn't. I don't know why he called her, nor do you. I know she chose not to go find out and he's upset and it's just too much because he feels constantly attacked, he's stressed about the wedding and he's not feeling supported. Are there better ways to handle it? Sure. Does this make him a horrible person? No. It makes him human. And, if it was an emergency, her name might have been the only thing he could manage to get out. It's pretty naked to talk when you're in medical distress.

    This, is why relationships don't last these days. She didn't respect him enough to go see what he needed (because toenails are so much more important than the person you claim to love), his feelings are understandably hurt, and everyone is making him out to be a horrible person. She has expectations of him and his behaviour but not her own. If the situation had been reversed, she'd be upset he didn't come running. She prefaced the whole thing with he's usually really sweet, says okay let's talk and see how to fix this. But everyone can get overwhelmed and we can't be expected to hold in our feelings all the time. If this was his usual behaviour I'd have a different take but according to her, it's not.

  6. I know this is a very frightening and upsetting situation. I've been where you are. You have all my sympathy.

    The 'good' news, if you can call it that, is she is probably not in danger. These kinds of threats are almost always a manipulation tactic to gain sympathy and convince you to get back together.

    That being said, it's important to call the emergency services for your area. For her safety, as if she does attempt then help will be on the way, and also to call her bluff if she doesn't mean it.

    Basically, sending an ambulance is never the wrong call. She either is in danger of attempting, in which case they can do a lot more than you, or she isn't. And if she isn't, then you'll hopefully scare her off trying it again.

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