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  1. Might have been more likely that you got a false positive, depending on the test. Unless you had symptoms, then it is pretty clear you had it. If you didn't have symptoms you should have been tested a 2nd time to verify.

    Check my reply to the other comments from this post to see how wild those odds of false positives can get.

  2. I think it’s fine if she is offended by it and expresses that she’d prefer he not watch it and why.

    And then he can decide if he’s ok with that or not, and they can move forward accordingly.

  3. Exactly! Regardless of who is asking who out, they should split the bill. Because even of the guy is asking her out, she does agree and consent to go on the date. It’s not like she had a gun to her head. I do agree that on the first date it’s chivalrous for the guy to pick up the check. But subsequent expenses should be shared equally

  4. At a bare minimum, open a new individual chequing and savings account, and deposit your income into those, and if your lawyer advises it, freeze the joint account. In some jurisdictions, draining it can cause issues later on, so just do what the lawyer advises as long as they understand that the goal is to ensure that she gets next to nothing.

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