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Jack&Jill, y.o.

Location: @_JackplusJill_ & @TradeofallJaks

Room subject: clothing off or something naughty-ish happens [323 tokens remaining]

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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I'd say the same thing about a guy in the same position:

    It's less about what they're doing today than a judgement call being about what they think of their situation. Do they think “it's great, and why would I ever want anything to change?” or are they using it as a launching pad for a bigger plan? Does she have ambitions, or is she just happy to not have any responsibilities?

    I've known people who lived at home, or had moved back home, and some of them see it as a place to take advantage of for as long as possible, the others see it as a sacrifice to make for the financial advantages.

    Are you able to see her as one or the other?

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